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Salutations. My name is Ella. I stumbled upon Fanfiction in 2017/2018 after frustratingly unable to find Darker from CPOV and it's safe to say I've not looked back.


Still reading. Or at least trying to find ones that hold my interest that aren't sickening, perverted or downright horrific (I'm looking at you particular HP writers) Every blue moon a new TB fanfic will pop up and make me smile. Still read the odd new FSOG stories but the way Ana is so often painted as a saint or victim just gets old real fast. I still venture into the SVM/TB section but as time goes on, less stories are published but that's just the way it goes, I guess.

The Harry Potter section makes for great reading, but finding a pairing I can stand is a hard one and the large harems just weird me out a little. Now after the absolute mess that was thrones season 8, Ive been reading more and more ASOIAF/GOT stories. Not sure what else to put here so I'll list my favorite pairings.

TRUE BLOOD/SVM: Eric Sookie. Or Eric and anyone with half a brain who can put impulsive over emotional Sookie in her place. The books mightily pissed me off and the show tanked it too. I loved all of the casting bar Anna as Sook. I would've thought someone who fit the southern belle profile would've been a better choice (think Jessica Chastain in The Help). I always thought that the show was stupid in letting Godric top himself because there were so many possibilties with him. Also adore a charming Jason..Ryan Kwanten is an unpolished gem I tell ya.

FSOG: I love love love a strong Ana. So many stories portray her as a the naiive damsel when she would've been better as a strong knows what the hell she wants kinda gal. Also a Christian who overcomes his mental health past at an early age makes for a better read.

HARRY POTTER: Harry with anyone other than the dopey eyed Ginny and Hermione with anyone other than the brute that is Weasley. I really like reading ones that are twin centric or have a God like element. Anything that bashes Molly or Dumbles is welcome, too.


I am a Jonerys fan allllll the way. There was so much potential for season 8 and the fact that they butchered it for the sake of finishing quickly is something that will probably annoy me for the rest of my days. They basically stripped Dany of everyone anchoring her, everyone who loved her and then was surprised when she bit back. I mean, really? Sansa can hang as far as I'm concerned. Also love a time travel or fix it fic.

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