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Hello Readers!

Welcome to my fanfiction page. I do hope you find the stories here to be as enjoyable to read as they were to write. While you are here I welcome you to vote on whatever poll I currently have up, to visit my forum section, or to simply send me a private message even if it’s only to ask me for an update status on my work.

At the moment I have a few stories posted, the first of which is Fractured. Though calling it a story is hardly true. It is more of my first attempt at writing something for this site that had no real plot or direction – thus does it sit there waiting for me to either get inspiration and for my readers to look at it and shake their heads in disgust (Something I do sometimes to see how far I have come in my writing abilities).

Originally my second attempt at writing was a re-write version of The Were-ken by Shinji The Goodsharer. It has since been removed from the website only to be reborn as Vicissitude – a story I hope has truly become my own.

Next we have Down the Rabbit Hole. This story is mostly a side project, one that I get to when the muse strikes me - thus the reason for the small chapters and infrequent updates. To be honest I am not sure there will ever be a large one for that tale unless my muse ends up causing me to create one.

A new addition to my adopted stories (As of January 19th, 2011) is "Trust" originally by Dennisud. At this time I do not intend to do any major changes to the story rather I plan to simply finish it based upon my own muse and the outline sent to me by Dennisud. (Sorry I have not released any of the re-write yet Dennisud)

Next we have More Or Less - This story is my attempt to be more humorous and serious at the same time. Well, maybe not. Overall I think that unlike Vicissitude this tale is simply not going to take itself serious. That does not mean it will be just a bunch of goofball antics but I do hope to keep on the story on the lighter side of things.

Lastly is the story ‘What I have become’. Inspired by the song Rock Star by Nickleback. This story is still in the making and is also subject to the same rules as DTRH in so far as I will get to it when my muse leads me back to it.

Current Author Status: Working on a re-write of Vicissitude - 01/29/2013

:Status Of My Stories:

Vicissitude - Undergoing a re-write (January 29th, 2013)

Down The Rabbit HoleOn Hiatus

What I Have Become - Incomplete - Unsure if I will ever return to it

More Or Less - Chapter Nine - Currently 4735 words as of March 19th, 2015 (Goal of at least 4-5k Words)

Trust – Original Story by Dennisud - (Still just can't seem to create a good ending for the story. - March 8th, 2015)

My new goal is to actually post something bimonthly.

Here's to hoping...

And clearly I failed...

:Other Projects:

No longer posting to Aadventure due to poor grammar skills getting my posts deleted, repeatedly. That and there is so few posts about Ranma now, its all Naruto, which I don't care for. Mostly because of the voice over done for English, I can't get it out of my head when I try to watch it in Japanese or read the manga. Stupid reason, but the truth.

I also have the beginnings of a 'Ranma puts an end to the fiancee race' story in the works. Its at about 3k words.

:Other Ideas:

A Ranma/High School of the Dead crossover. (Glad other people posted stories about this! Wish there were more.)

A Ranma/Jumper crossover. (Doubt I will ever actually write it. But its a thought. Inspired by the idea Ryoga's getting lost is caused by jumping.)

A Ranma/Danny Phantom Crossover (In the thinking stages ATM. I kinda see Ranma as Vlad's true son, Nodoka having had an affair with him but ending up marrying Genma.)

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– I don't crowd control, I DPS. Badly.

– Loneliness is a condition I suffer from due to my desire to keep to myself.

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