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Hello all who are reading this...

I haven't really used this site in a long time, but I currently have enough of a solid idea to possibly write something. I did have this one long piece I had been working on and off for a couple of months but well it kinda got lost when my laptop committed suicide TT...anywho you can read anything on my page that you like, especially if you think it is interesting, but aside from that there is not much left to mention.

Also feel free to always review or PM if you want a more personal? form of contact. I appreciate all responses and am pleased to say I have tough enough skin where I won't do something extremely stupid if you hurt my feelings. (OK maybe a pint of ice cream but my metabolism sucks so let's use that method sparingly)

Well that's all for now. I am a bit of an open book so any questions feel free to ask.

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