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This is my most recent update. However, it is also my last.

I have moved on, I have published, and I am working hard as it is. My efforts are beginning to pay off as I grow, but of course, I must leave this behind. Though, I at least want to give my thanks. I guess that while I was here, I learned how to write, and I learned how to become capable. Or at least, attempt it. I have made good friends, and also many enemies. I have battled those envious and with heinous intentions, who leech and try to pull me down. But with each paycheck and published piece, my self confidence is reassured, and I try to not look too far back at the follies. I find the grammatical errors and the spelling slips to be absolutely painful, but at the very least, they have shown my stubborn growth. What was once an attempt became an experiment, and what was once an assumption has now become fact. What was once a dream has become reality.

My reality: that I am finally, and am absolutely, positively, one hundred percent... a writer. And I shall continue to write till the day I die, where the winds of the world motivate my stride. I walk on this earth till my feet grow bare, steadily tired by the fatigue of time. Perhaps you shall see me, with a lone little netbook, my eyes staring right back and my fingers a blur. I have the habit of sitting in the most comfortable place, settled for hours at a time. Dressed oddly? I don't think so. Yet, if you see a random Asian in a black turtleneck, jeans and Chuck Taylor's... that may very much be me masking the panic of a deadline. However, don't approach. You may find yourself having to apologize for assuming too quickly, and I want to spare such awkwardness.

I thank you all for participating in this experience, and I apologize for my departure. At least, this time, it's official.



You all do realize that upon updating this profile, I was bullshitting the leaving part? Really... you guys are too darn gullible and adorable to leave behind. The reason why I "left" is because real life became so hectic and attention-pulling that I literally forgot about . Yes. I abandoned you all. For the real world.

I'm such a loser.

And upon looking through my stories... I was appalled at what I had found. A bit chopped up and roughly written, I'm going to try to see if I can edit certain stories. I would like to add more elements to them, as well as try to refine key components that gave them their little spark of potential. More than likely though, you will find things to be rather boring. And of course, when all you do is serious writing, you grow tired of it.

Also, please do not ask questions relating to my personal and professional life. I want to keep those two worlds apart, and to curtly remind you all that I like to keep most of that information private.

Fanfiction dot net, beware. I'm back.

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