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Well, well, well,

Hello there, fellow human life-form. It is I, Ryujin Maou (Draconic/Dragon Demon Lord). This is my profile; there are many like it, but this one is mine. Thus, I'll talk a bit about myself for anyone that is willing/bored enough to read about this poor sap.

I'm a bit of a nerd, as one could guess from my writing fanfiction about anime/manga/games/books and shows, but there is a bit more to it. As plenty of people might already know, I'm not american or british or from any English-native speaking country. I'm from a third-world shithole known as Brazil (yes, that Brazil), but don''t let me catch you talking shit about Brazil, otherwise I'll get you and bring you here! Because only Brazilian can shit-talk Brazil!

My writing is a hobby that I enjoy it very much and I feel it also is a good way to pay respect to the original work that you are writing about. I also love harem-related stories, even if most (professionally written and amateur work) are somewhat convoluted or straight up messy. The dynamics of that sort of thing are rarely written well, but I can't help but continue reading them since the authors are trying. It might not be perfect - most of the time it isn't - but you can't blame them for not trying something.

I do this writing sthick as a hobby, but I don't say no to donnations (specially since I'll spend it either on the stories again (fueling my coffee addiction) or into things that everyone would benefit in the end. What can I say, I'm also an avid fan of [Rule!34] (although I hate netorare with a passion (netori - yes, it is different - is fine though)).

I do not have a schedule for my writing. As I mentioned, it is a hobby, thus I only write when I have available disposable time and when inspiration hits me. I do this out of passion, so some updates on the stories do take time.

Besides all of this, I also enjoy hearing other people's thoughts on the work I present and talking about possibilities and what-ifs of other stories. Or just talking in general!

Well, for now I figure that this is enough talk! Hope you have a good time reading what I published and if you have any tips, I'm open to receiving them. Criticism is something that most of us don't truly enjoy, but we can (and should) take some time to address it and see if we can improve. Getting better day by day!

Ryujin Maou out!

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