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Okay, so I'll start with the basics and build it up.

I'm 23.

In fanfiction, I favor the Power Rangers series, the first three seasons will forever be my favorite, but I have seen every season there is and know the good from the bad. In my opinion, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive was the worst, and MMPR was the top best, mainly because I cared more for the characters and the plot. Jungle Fury isn't so bad. Never seen RPM. I also favor Zeo, In Space, and Dino Thunder, but I love to write about the rangers of MMPR through Zeo.

I love all types of writing- I favor the descriptive kind, the type of story telling that transforms the most ordinary elements into something completely grasping. I absolutely love the use of detail, therefore, I write what I love. I love the writers that leave you wondering how the hell they managed to create such mind binding plots and emotionally charged stories. Those are the authors that completely encourage me on my passionate drive to write.

Projects in progress:

Light Crystal of Amora

It Was Supposed To Be Forever

When Angels Commit

Projects Completed:

9 Crimes

Broken Wine Glasses

Maladaptive Behavior

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