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Joined Jan '06

Live in Australia.

Luv Boston Legal (so funny even though it took ova Stargate's timeslot) NCIS (TATE), Lost (jack/kate), Grey's Anatomy (meredith/derek), JAG (Harm/Mac), Without A Trace (sam/martin)Surface, Threshold (caffrey/cavenaugh), Stargate Atlantis (weir/sheppard) and any other SciFi show.

Absolutely obsessed with Stargate SG1 (sam/jack) and Egyptology.

Annoyed with Channel 7 for Stargatey reasons.

Still in shock from Janet Fraisers death. :'(

Own a dog (cody), a rabbit (snowy), a bird (skeeter)and two blue tongue lizards (lizzie and bluey) and all released Stargate seasons a Cruiser (actually its my family's)named 'Rule Book' and a ski boat called 'Puddle Jumper' (haha Stargate-iness).

Fav Actresses, Amanda Tapping, Teryl Rothery, Claudia Black (YAY an Aussie), Torri Higginson, Rachael Luttrel, Sasha Alexander.

Fav Actors, RDA (HOT!), Michael Shanks (HOT!), Joe Flanigan (HOT!), Michael Weatherly (HOT!)Ben Browder (HOT!).

And i think 'Bambi' is a very violent movie (jokes)(well actually its is i mean he keeps fallin down and his mummy gets SHOT!).

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