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Hi! My name is Omegawolfjack! My real name isn't Jack tho it my real name is Colby.

Lets get the basics out of the way (Real life):

Eye color: Blue

Country: Canada

Province: Alberta

Car: I drive a Red 1969 Dodge Charger R/T with a black vinyl roof

Many aspects in my stories are actual aspects of my life mostly told through Humphrey in my A&O stories. Things like my dad's death, my love of cars, and relationships.


I LOVE with a passion classic muscle cars. I'm on the lookout for a 1971 Plymouth Cuda and can't WAIT to restore one to it's natural beauty!

My favorite bands are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park (was heartbroken when I heard the news about Chester Bennington's death ,( )

My favorite singers are Eminem, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and much more!

My favorite genres are rock, alternative, and rap, but most of the time I'll listen to anything.

My favorite YouTubers are H2O Delirious, MrDalekJD, M3RKMUS1C, Markiplier, PewDiePie and TheGamingLemon :P

I love playing video games, I have a Series X and a computer set up (RTX 3070)


I love! to play both guitar and bass guitar. I know many songs mostly from Red Hot Chilli Peppers but also from other bands.

Social Media:

Kik: lizawolfsnow

YouTube: Omegawolfjack

Instagram: omegawolfjack

Other Guys:

Make sure you check out my buddys' accounts they're great writers and I respect them!

AresTheLoneWolf, Steelmoore2,Kellylad13, and KeithTheLoneWolf

And a very special thanks to NoRoleModelz98 for his amazing help and guidance with this profile and my stories. If it weren't for your inspiration I wouldn't have had the gall to actually make this account let alone post any of my stories! Here's to you buddy!

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