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Hello and welcome for whatever reason you clicked on my profile. I'm someone who writes when there having fun with it or has an idea that I just want to get out.

Things that I will try to avoid writing at any cost due to hating them with a passion myself(unless its a crack fic then who cares)

OP MC: I dislike stories that Instantly give a lot to the mc for no reason or effort unless its a fic that's just meant to be fun or crack. What I'm aiming at in particularl is the Naruto fanfics that have him growing up as an edgy teen to seem cool while giving about 5 different bloodlines and powers then saying he's mastered everything and is also 6ft tall acting like a grown up at the age of 7... it's just grown on me to hate fics like that.

Timeskips: Only kind of timeskips id like to use are the ones that happen gradually like when a week goes by between chapters or there's no sudden power gain out of nowhere.

OC overload: By this I mean adding way to many original characters. It just gets out of hand and is rarely handled in a good way. It has been the cause of the death of quite a few good fics I've read.

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