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For the past ten years, my username has been Gangster90. I think it's finally time for a change. I will now be known as Achaeologistof-theresistance



Where do I start? Well look above for all of my general info. I live in Florida. But I'm a born-and-bred New Yorker at heart.

I have a whole varried assortment of different hobbies and interest.I like reading, writing, watching movies and t.v., playing video games, going on the computer and sports.

I can't realy say I have a favorite movie. They range from aimated classics like The Lion King, The Prince of Egypt and Treasure Planet to Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean

The t.v. shows I like are just as varied as my taste in movies.

I'll read anything too.

My favorite type of music is rock.

Pairings I support. (Yes, not even I can keep this a secret.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

1.) Willabeth. So perfect. So cute. A match made in heven.

2.) Norribeth. While not as strongly as Willabeth, after seeing At World's End,my perspective on Norrington changed a lot. Too bad he had to die. I thought they would have made a pretty good couple.

3.) Sparrington. Slash, I know. But Jack and James look so hot together.

4.) Jack/Anna Maria. She may have not been in Dead man's Chest or At World's End. That's too bad. Her pressense was sorely missed. Like most people who ship this parring, I belive she was the only person who could tame Jack.

5.) Jack/Rum. Anyone who has ever read my fic You May Kiss the Rum knows how I feel about this pairing. He loves his rum.

6.) Jack/Jar of Dirt. Again, anyone who has read You May Kiss the Dirt knows I love this pairing. It may have been a short-lived romance. But it was good, and very funny, while it lasted.

7.) Davylypso. (Davy Jones/Calypso.) Dispite the brig scene in AWE, and some other instences, I think that deep down, Davy did still love Calypso. And vice-versa. She still loved him. Also before he left the brig, his last words to her were "My heart will always belong to you." How sweet is that? And before he died, the last thing he said was "Calypso."

8.) Sparrbossa. (Jack/Barbossa)

9.) Beckington. (Beckett/Norrington)

10.) Beckett/Mr. Mercer. Am I the ONLY person who saw this?! I may despise Mercer. Hence why I never write about him. And I also don't care much for Beckett. But come on. There was something between them that I did see.

11.) Jack/The Black Pearl. Just don't expect a marraige fic about this pairing. That's a little TOO weird. Even for me. But she's a very pretty ship. And as Jack put it best: "What the Black Pearl REALLY is, is FREEDOM."

12.) Jack/Sea. More quotes from Jack: In Dead Man's Chest; "I'm deeply flattered son. But my FIRST AND ONLY love is the sea." And later in At World's End; "I love the sea."

13.)Jack/OC. Ocassionally I'll read these, but only if it's well written, Jack is in character and the girl doesn't up being an overbearing Mary-Sue.


15.)Bootstrap/OC. This proves how much I hate Billiabella. Even if Arabella does end up being Will's mother (which I highly doubt), I will like these types of stories. And when it comes to these, I don't care how it written. Bootstrap could be paired up with the most suiest of the Marry Sues, and I would still read it. I mean, Bill does need a love interest, just as long as it's not Arabella, because she clearly loves Jack. And I think it's sweet to hear about he met Will's mother.

16.) Whetherby Swann/OC. I've not seen many of these, but I would love to read one. I like it for the same basic principle as Bootstrap/OC, to see how Whetherby met Elizabeth's mother.

17.) Captain Teague/OC. Well, technically, he had a "wife", (if that what you can even call the infamous shrunken head.) But I would like to see their relationship before she became a head.

18.) Jack/Angelica. They were so awsome in On Stranger Tides. It was hinted that they had a past. And in the movie, it's obvious the spark between them is still there. I won't say much more to avoid spoilong the movie for those who still have yet to see it.

19.) Philip/Syrena. What can I say? These two were too cute.

Lord of the Rings.

1.) Aragorn/Arwen.

2.)Faramir/Eowyn. Another pariring that is so cute.

3.) Sam/Rosie.

4.)Legolas/Eowyn. I can explain this one. True they didn't have any scenes together in either the books or the movies. And she ended up with Faramir. But before I found that out, I thought Eowyn and Legolas would be a cute couple. I still do actually. I mean, he does need a girl.

Treasure Planet

1.) Debert/Amelia.

2.)Sarah/Silver. (They didn't meet in the movie, I know. But hey, it could happen.)

Star Wars.

1.) Han/Leia.


3.) Finn/Rey

Jack Sparrow Series

1. Sparrabella. Enough said.

2. Laura/Mr. Reece. I wish Mr. Reece had a bigger part in the series. I really liked him. He was cool. And his devotion to Laura is just too sweet.

3. Jack/Constance. This is just for kicks. And it's one-sided, on the part of Constance. If you're not familliar with the series, Constance is a girl was turned into a cat by Tia Dalma.

Legends of the Breathern Court Series.

1. Diego/Carolina. Being that this is a fairly new series of books, this is the only possible pairing I saw for it. But I already am a staunch supporter of it. These two are made for each other. Diego himself even said something like he'd do anything to insure Carolina's safety. Much like when Will said he'd die for Elizabeth. Again though, given the newness of these books, it's the only pairing I see. I'll keep you posted on more possible pairings as more and more of the books get released.

2. Jean/Lakshmi. Now I can add another pairing for this. Yea! But it's a good news/ bad news situation. The good news is that Jean FINALLY has a love intrest. AT LAST. To me, this is one of the few things that Rob Kidd has done right. I always thought that Jean needed a girl. He's too sweet and nice not to have one. It took all of the Jack Sparrow series, and three books into the Legends of the Brethern Court series for this to happen. But it was well worth the wait. I love Lakshmi. Her character was very interesting. However, here comes the bad news. Unfortunatly, Lakshmi was only in book three The Turning Tide. So far, that is, anyway. Jean did promise her that someday, he'd return to India for her. I hope he does. Or even better, Lakshmi should find a way to stowaway aboard the Black Pearl. That's what I would prefer to happen. That way, Jean and Lakshmi can share in all of their adventures together, and they won't have to be separated.

3. Constance/Gentleman Jocard friendship. This just STRICTLY a friendship thing between them. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! Although she does seem to have a tiny crush on him.

The Lion King. (I should of listed my prefered parrings for this first. Because it's my favorite movie.)

1. Simba/Nala. (Duh) If you love The Lion King, you must love this couple. They've been one of my favorite parrings for like FOREVER. I've love them ever since I saw the movie as a child. Sure I must have only been like three or four at the time, and too young to really understand what love was. But I have always been a big fan of this pairing.

2. Kiara/Kovu. I think it's thanks to my love of these two as a couple, that I'm a Willabether. There are so many similarites between Kiara and Kovu and Will and Elizabeth.

The Prince of Egypt.



Swizterland/Austria (My OTP.)

Germany/Italy (This also includes Chibititala/HRE, because I subscribe to the theory that Germany is HRE all grown up)



France/UK (Well, I don't officaly ship it. But then again, I don't absoutly hate it either. I guess I can more or less tolerate it, if that even makes any sense.)


Poland/Lithuania (And not just because my first APH fic was about them either.)


Austria/Hungary (This is the ONLY het pairing for Hetalia I like)


Russia/China (Simply because I can't see either of them with anyone else)

Prussia/Austria (Prussia may be a jerk, though there is some about this pairing that draws me in.)



France/Canada (It's growing on me)

Pairings I don't support. (Again, I couldn't keep this a secret for very long either.)

Pirates of the Caribbean.

1.) Sparrabeth. Oh. Ewww. (Runs off screaming, then pukes in a corner.) Sorry. That's what even the tought of them together causes me to do. I have such an extreme dislike for the pairing of Jack and Elizabeth. They aren't in love. I just see two people who try their hardest to annoy the heck out of each other. (Kind of like my 2 best friends.) Jack is awesome. I love him. And I love Elizabeth. I just don't love them together as a couple. But I do think they could be good friends. That's why if I write about these two, they'll just be friends. I'd also like to think of them as having a brother-sister type relationship. And also, if you are a Sparrabether, don't worry. I won't flame you, or anything like that. I'm not THAT mean and evil. I'll respect you and your oppions. In return, all I ask for is that I get respect back.

2.) Barbossabeth. To quote Indiana Jones, he is old enough to be her fat-, no, her GRANDFATHER. Or maybe not. But he looks that old

3.) Beckettbeth. Beckett's just too creepy.

4.) Jack/Will. This is the ship that goes by many different names. Some of them being Turrow, Wick and my personal favorite, Spurner. That's so much fun to say. LOL. But I still don't support it. However, as was the case with Jack and Elizabeth, I like reading stories about their friendship. I even saw something of a brotherly relationship between them.

5.) Willington. (Will/Norrington.) Whoever came up with this, has some serious issues.

6.) Will/OC. Sure Will is so hot. He's even hotter than Jack. But Elizabeth is the ONLY woman for him.

7.)Elizabeth/OC. Now, admitatly, I've read some of these, but it's only because the end up being Willabeth. They're always modern. And the guy Elizabeth is originaly with is always a full-blown jerk, with a penchent of becoming potentially abusive. Clive Beckett (That's right. I said Clive, not Cutler), from Orlandgirl4eva's Tears in the Darkness is a perfect example of this.)

Lord of the Rings.

1.) Legolas/Arwen. I don't care for the fact that they are both Elves. Nor how cute Orlando Bloon, who played Legolas, and a then-married Liv Tyler, who played Arwen looked in interviews and such for the movies. Legolas and Arwen don't belong with each other. She's in love with Aragorn. That's final.

2.) Aragorn/Eowyn. I didn't see any chemistry between them.

3.) Grima/Eowyn. Girma's another guy who's just too creepy.

4.) Legolas/OC. Legolas gets so many Mary-Sues, it's sickening.

Treasure Planet.

1.) Jim/Silver. A note to Slashers who support this pairing; WHAT PART OF FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND?! That's all they have. End of story. Sheesh. And in this case, the same thing also goes for Treasure Island.

2.) Amelia/Arrow. She did care for him. That much is evident. I mean, look at her reaction when he died. It's just that I didn't see anything romantic in their realtionship.

Star Wars.

1.) Obi-Wan/Padme.

2.) Han/anyone who is not Liea

3.) Leia/anyone who is not Han

Jack Sparrow Series.

1.) Billabella. (A.K.A. Ping-Pong)

2.) Fitzybella. I guess this might have turned out like Norribeth. On a count of Fitzwilliam P. Dalton,III , being James Norrington's cousin. And yes, this actually is true. But it seemed to me that Fitzy was afaid of Arabella. And this was another case where I didn't see any chemistery between them what's so ever.

Legends of the Breathern Court Series.

1.Diego/Constance.Constance is the most whinest spoiled brat ever!! She's just flirting with him. She doesn't really love him. And Diego doesn't love her either. He loves Carolina. Even though Carolina likes to tease him about Constance. Constance even divised a plot to get Carolina re-captured by the Spanish. I bet it was all just so she could have Diego all to herself. And the whole thing started between them when Diego offered her his hankerchief. But I'm don't blame him. He was only doing the gentlemanly thing to to. He had no idea what kind of consequences his action would bring.

2. Actually I hate the pairings of Constance with anyone really. Because of her being a spoiled brat. Look above for why she doesn't belong with Diego. Her and Jack don't work because with her. Because I believe he's still in love with Arabella. No to Marcella and Barbossa either. You will get the feeling that I think he's too old for anybody. Billy is married. We just don't know to who yet. Jean is actually her brother . Yep, Marcella is actually our dear Constance, back in human form. It hasn't offically been comfermed, but with each new book, it's becoming more and more obvious to me. Either way, it's still INCEST! EWWW!! And Alex is a zombie. I'm not saying that to be sarcastic or anything. He actually IS a zombie. Sorry if that spoiled some of the book for people who have yet to read it. Oh, yeah, I forgot about Catastrophe Shane. This guy really lives up to his name. He actually is litterally a walking catastrope. Shane is so clumsy. I'm not even gonna get into too much details about what happens when he's around weapons. Let me just say that you better run for your life. In his clusiness, Shane unwillignly, and probably unknowningly, becomes very dangerous. You may think that a walking disaster and the world's most spoiled brat would be good together. I beg to differ with that. Constance would most likely whine about how Shane would be trying to kill her every five seconds. And that probably can't be father from the truth. Though he can't help it. That's just the way he is. However I would blame Shane if he ever wanted to kill her. I would want to kill her. Even though we now know Marcella's true identiy, I'm not even sure if I want Constance with Jack anymore. Like most of us, he'd probably prefer her in her cat form. And who wouldn't? There are times that I'm practically begging that Tia Dalma will return to transform her back into a cat. Costance ws much easier to deal with as a cat. And like I said, I firmly believe that Jack still loves Arabella, and that he will never stop loving her.


Turkey/Greece (They flat-out HATE each other. And Turkey's kind of jerk)

Prussia/Hungary (Again, Prussia, no mater how AWESOME he is, is a bit of a jerk)

Any incest (Itailacest, Germancest, America/Canada, Switzerland/Litchenstien Russia/Belarus ETC. But if it just about brotherly love or brotherly/sisterly love in the sibling sense of the word, that's fine. I don't just go in for incest.)

America/Japan (I think they work out just fine as just friends. But America seems a bit too hyper for Japan's taste)

Russia/America (I don't know why, but I just don't like this pairing. I guess it doesn't really appeal to me.)

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Here's one I made up;

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If Your Life Was A Movie: What Would The Soundtrack Be?
So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Win amp, Media Player, iPod, Rhapsody, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and a lot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits: Cooler Than Me-Mike Posner

Waking Up: Here I Am (End Title)-Bryan Adams

First Day at School: Brothers Under the Sun-Bryan Adams

Falling In Love: Be Prepared-The Lion King Original Broadway Cast

Fight Song: Love Me Tender-Elvis Presley

Breaking Up: I Don't Want to Be-Gavin DeGraw

Prom Night: Follow Me There-Third Day

Life: Life Is a Highway-Rascal Flatts

Mental Breakdown: You and Me-Lifehouse

Driving: Apologize (Feat. OneRepublic)-Timbaland

Flashback: We Are Family-Jordan Pruitt

Getting back together: Return to Sender-Elvis Presley

Wedding: Who's Lovin' You-Jackson 5

Birth of Child: Forget You-Cee Lo Green

Final Battle: When You Say You Love Me-Josh Groban

Death Scene: Cry Me a River-Justin Timberlake

Funeral Song: Hound Dog-Elvis Presley

Final Credits: The Lioness Hunt-The Lion King Original Broadway Cast

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