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Top Ten Favorite:

1.Only Human by Star Saber21

2.A Heart in the Void by DrWriter21

3.Infinite Stratos: Truth Be Told by i'mherepresent

4.The Nobody of Remnant by RoxaShadow

5.The Amazing Jaune Arc by Brotherhoof12

6.Assess, Adapt, Survive by AlcatrazDGold

7.Blank Slate by DrWriter21

8.The Arc Diestro by Savage theron

9.Fates - Convictions by csihawk

10.Highschool ConsxDevils by SilverXScythe66 Yup! those are my Top Favorites! You should Read them, Their Awesome!!!

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(Transformers Prime: Birth of a New Prime)

[Cybertronian Human] The line of the Prime are Falling. Cybertron is destroyed. War between Autobots and Decepticon still continues. Optimus Prime may be the leader for today but if he's gone. What's next? Who will lead? Who's the next to be Chosen? There's still hope. There is one who will become... the next Prime.

Characters: Optimus Prime, OC, Jack D, Megatron

Genres: Hurt/comfort, Humor, Family, Adventure, Friendship

Rated ?


{Transformers X Sekirei} CROSSOVER

(A Prime Ashikabi )

After Sacrificing himself to save Cybertron, Optimus finds himself back on Earth as a human. He began to live a peaceful life. He has a good job, lives in a decent home, has a pet or two. Anything a bot could ask for. But all that change, he found himself as a participator to the Sekirei Plan. A game to Fight, Survive, and Prosper. A game he's all familiar with, a game he hates.

Characters: Optimus Prime

Genres: Romance, Humor, Fantasy, Adventure

Rated M

{Transformers X Fire Emblem} CROSSOVER

(Trap In Fate )

[Same OC Character from Desolation] Rafael bought a new game called Fire Emblem Fate and wanted to show it to Bumblebee. But was put to stop when Bulkhead accidentally broke a relic which transported Ratchet, Bumblebee, WheelJack, and John Pax into a New world or Game. Now they must fight in order to return home.

Characters: OC, Bumblebee, Ratchet, WheelJack

Genres: Adventure, Action, Gore, Fantasy, Romance

Rated ?

{Transformers X RWBY} CROSSOVER

(A Simple Transformation )

[Base of To Enjoy A Second Life] Liege Maximo is bored out of his mind so, with the help of Amalgamous Prime and Nexus Prime, they decide to pull a prank on Optimus. As for Optimus, after is long and hard training, decided to take a nap and woke up not on his body but the body of a Girl. How will Team RWBY and Team JNPR react?

Characters: Optimus Prime, Team RWBY, Team JNPR

Genres: Humor

Rated M

{Transformers X RWBY} CROSSOVER

(Summon the Dino )

Jaune Arc felt rejected. His training with Pyrrha shows no progress. It just proves to him that he's not fit to become a Huntsmen. He's not skilled as Pyrrha or as strong as Nora or as cool as Ren. He was about to giving up until he turn on a strange object that knock him out cold, he then woke up with a angry voice on his head that says 'WHY GRIMLOCK INSIDE PUNY BODY!!!'

Characters: Grimlock, Jaune Arc, Team JNPR, Team RWBY

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Friendship

Rated M

{Transformers X RWBY} CROSSOVER

(Redemption & Love)

"Because I now know the true meaning of oppression... and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it" Those were the last word Megatron said, before leaving Cyberton to exile. For his action bought pain and suffering to his kind. Regret is what he felt, and when the pains begin, the nightmare comes after. Redemption is what he seeks, with the help of a black cat, he will overcome it.

Characters: (Megatron, Blake Belladonna) Team RWBY

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Family

Rated M

{Transformers X RWBY} CROSSOVER

(To Love Trouble)

Jaune Arc has been abandoned and replaced after to truth about him have been revealed. He's been expelled but been given a chance by Ozpin, he must become stronger in two-month to return back in the Beacon. Easier said than done. Especially when two most powerful girls came dropping in his life. Just don't anger the girl with red-eyes.

Characters:( Jaune Arc, Optimus Prime, Megatron)

Genres: Romance, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Familly

Rated M


(A Hero or A Huntsman)

Before he wanted to be a hero, now he wants to become strong. Stronger than is Master in order to destroy the one that causes him to lose his family. Though, the memories of the past keep haunting him of what he fought for, of who he wanted to be, of who he was, Jaune Arc.

Characters: Genos, Jaune Arc

Genres: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Horror

Rated M

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