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What can be said that has not already been said? What laurels can be draped upon this author whose talent shall forever be immortalized in story, song and verse? To describe the beauty of her work, the timeless influence it holds on us all. . .

Okay, so maybe a friend mentioned me in a filk they wrote that one time.

More seriously, this is simply me finally caving in and posting my fic somewhere people can find it. Despite my best efforts to write good fic and draw readers to what I've written, my fandoms are obscure, and even if anyone has the slightest idea what the hell I'm writing about, I need to get it out so those with an interest have half a chance of seeing it. I'm always open to advice, pokes toward my errors, and offers of chocolate mousse Pocky. Constructive criticisim is love, of course -- everyone makes mistakes at one time or another. Flames will be used to toast marshmallows, with s'mores available for everyone after.

This is Bunny. Bunny has been busy in his bid for world domination, and is tired now. Let him rest.

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