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Swalker2000! No joke, the best writer ever! (That was a joke.)

Forget a bio, there's only one thing I want to say.

Announce Despicable Me 4 release date.

So yeah, I love Despicable Me. Favorite character's Edith, profile picture makes that kinda obvious lol. She's just so awesome! All the family characters are amazing, though. Just freaking love these movies :)

I want to start making Despicable Me related artwork as well. I'll post them all over on DeviantArt and my Twitter Account as well, so please consider checking it out if you're interested.

Released Stories:

Down The Bloodline (Despicable Me):

Summary: The International Villain Brotherhood want Gru to help them in a dangerous heist to excavate large amounts of cash. However, when he is unwilling to do so, they send a hitman to kill his entire family and get him back into villainy. This hitman however, finds an unexpected connection with the family. One he could never quite forget...

Status: Complete.

Edith's Sick Day (Despicable Me):

Summary: Edith has contracted a stomach bug! And when Gru and Lucy are forced to leave for an AVL mission, Dru is the only one who can look after her. As he tries his hardest to prove himself as a good uncle, he uncovers some dark discoveries and horrible truths about his nine-year-old niece, all while having to deal with puke.

Status: Complete.

Down The Bloodline 2 (Despicable Me):

Summary: The Gru family continue with their eventful lives, with Jack dealing with childhood folly, Edith with an awkward friend, Margo with teenage love and Gru and Lucy with a frightening new villain. But suddenly, with the help of Dru's antics, everything turns pear-shaped, and the very fate of the world rests upon Gru, Lucy, and Jack's shoulders.

Status: Complete.

Maternal and Dangerous (Despicable Me):

Summary: Lucy loved her newfound family with all of her heart, and though she never expected it, she was growing into the motherly role perfectly. She knew that trials and tribulations were sure to follow motherhood, but with a beaming smile, she was ready to take them on. (A series of one-shots following the redhead AVL agent and her relationship with the family.)

Status: In-Progress

Next Chapter Progress: Will probably release a new one of these sometime this year. (Story Four)

Down The Bloodline 3 (Despicable Me):

Summary: The stress of the AVL director job has finally got to Gru, and in an attempt to regain his sanity, the father-of-four plans a road trip for his whole family. But, much to Gru's annoyance, a series of mind-frying events continues to grind at his sanity, with his family being forced to face the full brunt of it. It especially doesn't help when the past starts catching up with them...

Status: Complete.

Down The Bloodline 4 (Despicable Me):

Summary: Villainy's existence is thinning by the day, with AVL agents Gru and Lucy pushing the crime-driven profession to its lowest ever point. Yet, an amateur underrated villain, who wouldn't snatch a second glance from evil experts, takes action to save it. For he knows the one thing the Gru family can't fight against...

Status: In-progress.

Next Chapter Progress: In the planning stage. Don't have a predicted time of release just yet. (Chapter Three)

Still Her Big Sister (Despicable Me):

Summary: Agnes highly valued Margo in her life. She always knew how to appease her unicorn-based interests, through the many make-believe games they played. That's why, when the eldest sibling heads out on her first sleepover, she finds herself bored in the Gru mansion. Then lonely. Maybe someone with experience on those two feelings can help her...

Status: Complete.

Delayed Stories:

The Outbreak (Despicable Me):

Summary: After multiple reports of deaths and disappearances, Gru and Lucy are sent to Portugal to take down a large and dangerous cult, ran by one of the most mysterious men alive. In their absence, Dru takes over and looks after the girls, trying to keep their spirits high in quite a fearful time. However, things soon take a turn, and a huge dark secret is revealed to the world...

Status: I'll be honest, I've lost interest in this story for the time being. With the new Down The Bloodline story taking up a lot of my FanFiction inspiration, it'll probably be a while until this ever gets another update. I'm very sorry if you had been enjoying it, I hate to leave a story abandoned. I just struggle in forcing myself to write a plotline that I've kinda lost faith in.

Missing At Christmas (Despicable Me):

Summary: As Gru and Lucy run themselves ragged in search of perfect Christmas gifts for the girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes completely vanish from their home, with no clear explanation for their disappearance. Pretty strange that it happens right after an old foe of the AVL couple escapes prison...

Status: It deeply annoys me that this story still isn't finished haha. There's only one chapter left to do. I'm sure I'll get it out at some point. Maybe Christmas 2021, when I'm in the festive mood again :)

Unreleased Stories I'm Currently Working On:

None at the moment.

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