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i've just realized i haven't done anything to my profile yet, so here goes...

14/ f / do u really want to know? really? really really? ok...but please don't stalk!r u sure u want to know? ummm...should i tell u? hmmm...maybe? idk! ok...ready? r u ready for this?...nah, i don't want to tell u...(too bad)

fav. shows: SUPERNATURAL! and some GOOD anime. not that kid crap

person i would most likely kidnap and force to be my with me: DEAN! (aka JENSEN ACKLES!)

kool ppl know: my fam., my buds.

NOTE: i am honest in my reviews and will most likely be hated by a few authors out there. i write whats wrong and if they get good,then i'll write good stuff. but until then, i write what i think. i dont really give a damn if im hated, but they should consider that im honest and probably helping their story a lot...

read my stuff dammit! and maybe i'll read urs...

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