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I like to read, write, etc. If I wasn't so lazy or if I didn't have writer's block most of the time, I would probably be able to actually finish some stories. Sadly enough, most of my ideas come from other people and I just twist it a weird way. I have a couple original short stories, but since this is a fanfiction website, I'll just keep it to myself. Besides, most of my works are disturbing, gruesome, bloody, angsty, and very, very dark. Some of them probably can't be even posted on this site because of the content.

I've been told that I'm very cynical sometimes and very, very disturbing. I remember being stuck in a conversation with a group of hallmates in my dorm and we had this awkward silence, so in order to come up with a subject, I asked them what was the worst torture they could come up with... well, let's just say that it didn't end that well...

Anyway, even though I'm into dark stories, I also enjoy well written humor as well as romance... (_)

Well, thats enough about me. Since I can't think of anything more to type, I'll just end this right now.

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