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Joined Aug '17, Australia

I write fanfiction occasionally... who am I kidding I'm trash. I post fanfiction occasionally.

My stories are under a semi-hiatus because I have exams; by semi-hiatus I mean I will post when possible but don't hold your breath.

I am an asexual lesbian so if something doesn't make sense with a sexual progression of a character it is because I don't understand that weirdness, I try to write allo relationships but yea who tf knows anyway. I'm almost Uni age (and ain't that trippy) so I will not react to constructive criticism with a hissy fit.

I love it when people write long reviews on my stories and I get so inspired by the ideas.

Uuugggghhhh, I don't know what else to write?

Coffee is love. Cats are life. I am trash. Just the truths of the world.

I have two betas for two separate stories; Bumbleblues for Life's Game, and The Trickster Author for A Second Chance. They are the best!

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