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Just wanted to get this off my chest: I hated Deathly Hallows. There I've said it. I swear I should have known I wouldn't like it when in the first fifty pages, Hedwig and quite a few of the leading characters die! I mean come on who kills the pet! Anyway I really enjoy the stories that veer away from the final book(especially if they are H/Hr!) There are so many talented writers here on this site that I guess it makes up for being so disappointed in JKR. I mean where the hell did she come up with half the stuff she wrote in Deathly Hallows! Come on! Okay now that I have all that off my chest here are a few normal(ish) things you should know about me:

Hi. I was feeling a little bored today and started reminiscing about the good old days back in high school. Ahh. Anyway I wanted to tell a little story that happened in my English class one day: the whole class was being loud and my teacher couldn't get them to shut up. So all of a sudden he says "Shh! The walls have ears!" Well needless to say we shut up and just stared at him. Then a girl that sat two seats behind me asks the girl in front of her "What did he say?" And then this is the really funny part she goes "He said, Shh! The ears have walls! Wait no. He said, Shh! The ears have walls! NO! He said... oh forget it." And the whole time I'm just sitting there cracking up falling out of my seat laughing and my teacher looks at me like I'm the crazy one. Just thought I'd share this little anecdote with ya'll so that in later chapters ya'll can better understand my humor.

Little somethings about myself:

Female, 5' 11'', 129 lbs, short dark brown hair, blue-gray eyes

23 years young- I turned 24 today and I feel very old!

Drop-dead gorgeous (just kidding; sort of)

Living in London (Marylebone to be exact) Although I am home for the summer. Cancel that. As of Sept. I am back at school in London. Cancel That. I have moved back home permanently and am practically living on the beach.

Favorite color is blue

Favorite way to spend the day is reading on the beach

Favorite movie is A Knight's Tale or Pippi Longstocking; depends how I feel

I have an extremely large extended family (they're kinda like the Mafia only crazy)

I love Harry Potter Fan fiction (especially the ones that people actually finish. hint.hint. and proof-read. HINT.HINT) although I have recently become interested in Blood Ties fanfics. Having been a fan of the show since its series premiere it only makes sense that I would turn to fan fiction when the show isn't on the air.

I have finally finished the epilogue to my first story! It took me forever to write it simply because I got spoiled writing the first one. It came so easily that when I was trying to write the epilogue it just wouldn't flow right. But it is finally finished! So happy!

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