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7Love, Dai Li, and Tea » As far as Iroh is concerned, even a member of a totalitarian, brainwashing, extremely dangerous police force deserves an opportunity to meet a special someone. Dai Li agent/OC whirlwind romance fic, takes place during canon.
Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 13, words: 82k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 9/12 published: 5/4, Zuko, Iroh, Dai Li, OC
Scarlet And Stone Whenever Agent Hong Yan has to get his stone gloves bloody in the line of duty, it's not his fault that it makes him so horny afterwards.
Avatar: Last Airbender, M, English, Drama, words: 935, 8/19
The Monstar's Anthem-Dai Li Style! A good-natured mix-up in honor of the new Space Jam movie, in which the Dai Li discover rap and then sing one about how totally bad-ass they are, lol.
Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Humor & Parody, words: 3k+, 5/7, Dai Li
1 A Savage Type Of Love For Jurassic Park's chief geneticist, respectfully trying to make his boss see reason and listening to Malcolm's predictions of doom can really get on his nerves. Who knew Henry Wu got aggressive, even fierce, in bed as a way of dealing? And that's just the way Mahina Hozumi enjoys it... M/dom, rough sex, dirty talk, Wu/OC.
Jurassic Park, M, English, Romance, words: 2k+, favs: 3, follows: 1, 1/3/2016
84 When Dinosaur Worlds Collide » It's one thing to see and interact with the cloned dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. But for Wu, Muldoon, and Nedry, it's a whole different ballgame to find themselves in the bodies of actual dinosaurs in Early Cretaceous Texas. And to make things even crazier, there's these four random teens in the same predicament too, who swear the trio are characters in a novel. A Dinoverse crossover.
Jurassic Park, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 51, words: 281k+, favs: 35, follows: 29, updated: 12/29/2015 published: 7/27/2015, R. Muldoon, D. Nedry, Henry W.
1 Blood Music Things are going great for Dr. Henry Wu at Jurassic World, with tens of thousands of people coming every day to marvel at his lab's re-created dinosaurs. Still, he is haunted by the events of 22 years ago, particularly an incident that came very close to seeing him go the way of the first park...
Jurassic Park, K+, English, Sci-Fi & Horror, words: 5k+, favs: 4, follows: 2, 7/19/2015
221 The Once and Future King » A KK Lion King crossover where Jack and Ann suddenly find themselves translocated to the LK universe, where they play an unexpected role in the Circle of Life... Chapter 56 COMPLETE!
King Kong & Lion King, T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 58, words: 392k+, favs: 36, follows: 17, updated: 7/8/2014 published: 4/4/2006, Simba, Nala
3 Flaming Souls A retelling of part of the episode "The Beach," that takes place in an AU with daemons. Zuko and his daemon, Nyracoa, thought he'd be content and she'd finally settle at last after dealing with The Avatar and regaining Ozai's approval. But he isn't, and she hasn't. A nighttime talk around the fire with his sister and her pals will drag out some of the reasons why.
His Dark Materials & Avatar: Last Airbender, K+, English, Angst & Drama, words: 4k+, favs: 17, follows: 21, 9/22/2013, Zuko, Azula
139 Body Bending » Toph has always loved to fight, to have adventures, and to be the heroine. So when the Ellimist approaches her with an offer that will involve doing all three, how can she say no? And now the Yeerks will have their world rocked.. Takes place roughly in #45-54. Chap. 31 is up! If you read, please take a moment to review.
Animorphs & Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 31, words: 178k+, favs: 74, follows: 78, updated: 3/18/2013 published: 5/17/2012, Rachel, Toph
4 The Golden Sisterhood » While trying to satisfy their respective sweet tooth, Aang, Katara, and Toph meet an extraordinary and eerie family of beekeepers.
Avatar: Last Airbender, K+, English, Horror & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 11k+, favs: 4, updated: 3/2/2012 published: 8/1/2011, Katara, Aang
2Two Agents, One Oiran As with police forces everywhere, even an agent of the Dai Li isn't totally immune to bribery, and one of Ba Sing Se's streetwalkers knows just what to offer when apprehended...
Avatar: Last Airbender, M, English, Fantasy, words: 3k+, favs: 3, follows: 4, 2/23/2012, Dai Li, OC
1 Melting Stone "Never one to be shy or modest, she then made the first move and rocked backward, spreading her legs to play the temptress." A lemon fic between Toph and Kun Yong, my Dai Li cadet OC.
Avatar: Last Airbender, M, English, Romance, words: 4k+, favs: 19, follows: 4, 9/26/2011, Toph, OC
23 Pretty In Pink A lustful Ty Lee demonstrates her "make love, not war," philosophy to Sokka. No nonsense Ty Lokka lemon/smutfic. Takes place sometime shortly after The Chase.
Avatar: Last Airbender, M, English, Romance, words: 6k+, favs: 175, follows: 50, 9/9/2011, Sokka, Ty Lee
5Snapshots of The Lame Guard » A series of drabbles about Kun Yong, my OC boyfriend for Toph from The Blind Huntress.
Avatar: Last Airbender, K+, English, Friendship, chapters: 8, words: 1k+, favs: 3, follows: 2, updated: 8/16/2011 published: 6/21/2011, OC, Toph
9 Rekindling the Flames A fic about the dragons Ran & Shaw, and how they did their own part to restore balance after the events of Sozin's Comet. First Ran & Shaw fanfic ever on this site!
Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Fantasy, words: 3k+, favs: 16, follows: 5, 8/13/2011, Ran and Shao, Sun Warrior
4 Witches' Brew With help from Yosemite Sam and King Louie, Sokka learns more about Dip and just what Doom planned to do with it than he ever wanted in this one-shot. Set in modern times, post-movie.
Avatar: Last Airbender & Who Framed Roger Rabbit, K, English, Horror, words: 2k+, favs: 7, 7/26/2011, Sokka
3 Jeremy's Sire In Oxford, Jeremy Chen thinks about his vanished father...an eager, inquisitive man who had a bear, but no daemon...a man who spoke fluent Chinese, but was not from China...a man named Kuei who once carried the title of Earth King. Dark Materials X-over.
His Dark Materials & Avatar: Last Airbender, K, English, Family & Fantasy, words: 4k+, favs: 2, 7/19/2011, King Kuei
3A Letter From Bumi Eight years after the war, Toph and her husband get a message from Omashu. What it contains will alter their lives forever...
Avatar: Last Airbender, K, English, Drama, words: 4k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, 7/10/2011, Toph, OC
3 Mastery A Dai Li agent and Toph, together in a tunnel. One of them is bound. The other is about to teach them a thing about who the real master is here... Lemon/rapefic that occurs during the eclipse raid. Slight AU
Avatar: Last Airbender, M, English, words: 2k+, favs: 9, follows: 4, 7/7/2011, Dai Li, Toph
1 Clicks In The Darkness Metalbending wasn't the only extraordinary new ability that Toph discovered. Takes place post-series. Also features my OC, Kun Yong.
Avatar: Last Airbender, K, English, Friendship, words: 2k+, favs: 6, follows: 2, 6/26/2011, Toph, OC
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