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I'm basically here to read fanfiction although I do write it as well. The majority of my fanfiction can be found on LiveJournal, although a small portion of it will be posted here.

My main fandoms at the moment are: Dark Angel, Supernatural, The X-Files and the Buffyverse. I also dabble in the following fandoms: Veronica Mars, CSI: Miami, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Twilight, and The X-Men (primarily the movie-verse.)

I love crossovers and alternate universes. I also tend to write either het or femslash pairings with the rare slash pairing thrown in the mix (generally in the Buffyverse fandom.)

I've been writing fanfiction since 2004/2005 when I first discovered Buffyverse fanfiction.

My fic community (faded dreaming) can also be found on DW:

My tumblr:

As of July 2015 - I've been slowly archiving my fanfiction over here. Quite of bit of my fic is either at my LJ community (fadeddreaming) and I've decided to post it over here. There will be days when I will be uploading quite a bit of fic all at once.

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