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So my name is Jenn...this account was started by my sister Sabrina hence the name and frankly I've just been to lazy open my own account. Between all of my alerts and the reviews I've done over time people know me by this handle. Someday I might change it to GGSophie which coincidentally was a login made up by Sabrina for me go figure. (Gilmore Girls obviously since thats what I wrote, anyways now I'm all Twilight)

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99 percent of the time I review every story/update I read, mostly because I think that if someone took a couple hours or days to write it, then I can take twelve seconds to respond to it.


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The Perfect Space by AbidingByRyhme

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Rabbit Heart by KitsuShel

Gone Baby Gone by OhMyWord

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The Confidence Man by OhMyWord

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