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Okay, peoples, updated profile! (Oh, my god...I just realized, looking at my join date, I became a member of this site when I was twelve. Okay, technically I was turning thirteen in a little over a month, but still--I violated the rules by apparently putting in a fake birthdate and registering when I was underage. I am a bad, bad person. I must go now and repent. XD)

I'm Analisa, 15, and the first thing you should know about me is that I am hopelessly Harry Potter obsessed. Not an hour goes by my life without some form of Harry Potter thought. Ron/Hermione will always be my OTP, and I love writing TONS of HP fanfiction. But I don't post it here. I post it on MuggleNet's fanfiction site, where they've got a little more...quality filtering? Class? Organization? Whatever. I use because it's got place for EVERY kind of fanfiction, so even though most of my ff is Harry Potter, I come here if there's something else I want to write.

Anywho, I'm updating my profile because a) I was getting sick of my old one and b) yeah, I don't really have a b.

Current Stories:

What I've Been Looking For: Well, if you're looking for a cheesy Ryan and Sharpay friendship songfic written by a barely-13-year-old in 2006, go right ahead and read this.

Imagine: Don't know if you've seen/read Bridge to Terabithia, but if you have, this is a pretty short piece in which I sort of explored a different writing style...so yeah.

The Various Adventures of Casey and Derek: Don't be mislead by the stupid title. I couldn't think of anything. Anyway, my first Dasey fic after becoming obsessed with this couple...isn't even really a Dasey. Well, it IS, but they don't make out or anything. However, there's loads of UST, I swear.

Stupid Cupid: I promise you, one day I will get around to updating this. It's just so complicated to keep all the storylines straight and I've been having a bit of trouble with it, so I took a break. But I swear one day it will be finished.

Logan's Girlfriend: Mindless fluff. I dunno about this one. It was the first Quogan story I tried, but I'm afraid the style will get old really quick, the plot is sort of pointless and nonexistant, and I just dunno... I may not update it anymore. I may take it down, not sure. This is what happens when you post things on a whim.

The All Nighter: (See, I've been on a Zoey 101 kick and a writing kick, so these fics are being churned out so fast...) I actually like this one. It may take me a while to finish, as I've only got 3 chapters out of 12 up, but I actually think this one's pretty worthwhile. I work hard on it, anyway...

Strange: Well, after that TV movie, I had to write something. And this oneshot just came to mind. I wrote it fairly quickly, but the feedback I've gotten has been amazing--thanks guys! It's short, but analytical and overall I'm fairly pleased with it. NEW UPDATE: I'm thinking of expanding this one into more than one chapter, with different characters reflecting...I dunno yet. I'll think about it.

Senioritis: (Can't you tell I have way too much time on my hands?) Another badly-titled story. And another on-a-whimmer. See, I like Logan's POV, I really do, it's easy to write. But I churn it out so fast and then I post it without thinking of long-term consequences...like how this whole light-hearted dealio will work over a long story. Will it lose its freshness? Will I lose interest? Have I planned ahead with the plot past the next paragraph of the story? So while I'm not so set on abandoning it like Logan's Girlfriend, I'm going to need a little break to evaluate/think things over... NEW UPDATE: Well, it seems to be going well so far! I actually sat down and pretty much mapped up the whole year, minus some gaps here and there, and the I seem to be updating pretty regularly, so never fear, you'll get your entire story. ;)

Gossip Column: Junior Prom Special: I needed some sort of wrap-up after the movie, so I wrote this. Just a fun little piece, nothing serious.

Edmund Has it Sorted: Okay, I actually originally got an account back when I was 13 in order to write Narnia stories (thus my penname, which I've since modified into Ladililn for other sites). Basically what I had in mind back then was a very Mary-Sue-ish tragic love story. I know, right? But part of me still wants to write it, minus the cliche and Mary-Sue-ness. But anyway, I saw Prince Caspian (kinda worthless), and I've always loved book!Edmund, but this movie showed me movie!Edmund was pretty awesome too. So I wanted to write something to express his awesomeness. Thus this very very short piece was born. It's kinda like Imagine, actually...

Play My Music: Title inspired by the Jonas Brothers' song, even though I'm not really a huge JB fan. It just seemed to fit. This is my response to the iPod shuffle challenge, and a twoshot for my twenty (!) drabbles. Lotsa QL, of course, though I do give other pairings/friendships/characters some love. However, QL is like the only reason I watch Zoey 101, so...there's a lot of it in this.

Future Projects:

Well, I do have about twenty thousand billion ideas for fics, but most of them will just remain ideas and won't be fleshed out. However, I do have an idea that's actually taking shape for another Zoey 101 fic (I know, right? Why do I find myself writing all these stories for a crappy TV show that has like one redeeming quality?) that hopefully I should start on soon. But I have so much going on right now, it might be a while. I'll update with more information when I'm sure it's going to be written.

So there we have it, my stories so far. Keep your eyes out for more Daseys, more Quogans, some Narnia and Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and whatever else I feel like writing. And visit my livejournal (which I will SO be plugging at every opportunity, since I just started it and my flist is looking sadly thin), http:/// where you can read all about my favorite ships! Yay! Whoo! Yippee! And, you don't even have to have a livejournal of your own to comment. Or read. So yeah.

Mmkay. I think I'm done here.

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