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Hey all, Tsuki no Echo here!

So, as of now all that is on here are the stories I’ve added to my Favorites and my favorite Authors. I do eventually plan on writing my own stories but I don’t feel quite comfortable with writing something I don’t know enough about, so yeah. I think when I do start writing they will most likely be InuYasha fics...or Sailor Moon. I’m particularly fond of crossovers, so I may be doing some of those.

Speaking of which if anyone’s knows of an InuYasha/Harukanaru no Naka de crossover, please let me know, both awesome anime for those of you who haven’t seen them. Or if anyone’s interested in the challenge of doing one…

Challenge #1: InuYasha/Harukanaru Toki no Naka de crossover. Kagome/ with any of Hachiyou, or it could be a Harem, this can either be an oneshot or a continuous story. It would be preferable that this take place after her journey for the Shikon no Tama but it’s alright if it’s somewhat AU/AT. You may replace Akane with Kagome in the story or keep her as she is, in her original role or change her role in the story. In this Kagome can stay human or be a demon/half-breed. Rating is your choice.

Challenge #2: Sailor Moon/Angelique crossover. Usagi/Clavis pairing, oneshot or continuous story. This can be about Usagi's life/jouney after a new Queen is chosen to take her place or it can be about her life during the time she is Queen there. It would take place long after the Stars series, Usagi is now Cosmos but also plays the part of a Queen, with Dia at her side, watching over other worlds. A new Queen will end up taking her place, who ends up being Angelique- who happens to remind her of herself once upon a time ago. With a new Queen chosen, will she once again take up the role of Cosmos? Kind of AU/AT. Rating is your choice.

Challenge #3: Saiunkoku Monogatari/Inuyasha crossover. Kagome can be paired with any single Hottie(s) in the series from "the woman disliking" Kouyuu to Seiran to Emperor Shi Ryuuki- Kagome could even have a harem. Kagome finds herself in the Saiunkoku's timeline and is brought into Shurei's home, much like how Seiran was. The Ko household soon find out that Kagome's a very independant woman and can do things most men can do from swordfighting to other things. Prefer this takes place after Kagome's trips to the past and Naraku's Defeat. Kagome can take Shurei's place as Emperess or be company for Shurei in the Palace. Can be a One-shot or Continuous, prefer it to be continuous. Rating is your choice.

Challenge #4: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)/Inuyasha Crossover. Ciel Phantomhive/Kagome (if Kagome's turned into a kid) or Kagome/Sebastian Michaels Pairing. After completing the Jewel and defeating Naraku, Kagome is sent to Victorian London and meets the mature but young child Earl, Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler, Sebastian. While with them, Kagome gets involved one of the most historical and mysterious events of Victorian England and the most supernatural. Prefer this to be Canon to the Kuroshitsuji series and after Kagome's finished with the jewel. Rating is your choice.

Challenge #5: Angelic Layer/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome with any male who can be with her. Kagome can somehow go back to middle school because of the jewel (Like, become 12 or 13 again) or still be in her late teens and is enrolled into Eriol Academy's high school section. Hearing about the game of Angelic Layer, Kagome somehow meets Icchan and gets interested in the game despite being a bit doubtful about it at first. Prefer this to be a continuous story. Again, rating can be your choice.

Challenge #6: Junjo Romantica/Inuyasha Crossover. Kagome paired with any of the main guys or in a threesome with one of the main couples of the series (Usagi/Misaki, Hiroki/Nowaki, or Miyagi/Shinobu). Prefer it to take place after Kagome's trips to the past and after Naraku's defeat and Kagome decides to go to college/university. I won't accept Yuri, but if it's onesided it's fine. Can be slightly AU from the Junjou Romantica series or Canon and prefer it to be continuous but oneshots are accepted too. Rating is up to you.

Challenge #7: Hakuoki/InuYasha crossover. Kagome paired with any of the Shinsengumi guys or a Harem, or even with one of the. Prefer this to take place after the Jewel quest and Naraku's defeat. Chizuru can either stay in the story as is or Kagome can replace (I prefer she stay but its optional). If she stays then Chizuru/Souji pairing. Kagome can either human (miko) or a pureblood member of the Oni Ichizoku (the Demon Clan). Prefer this to be Canon to the Hakuoki series and a continuous story. Rating is your choice.

If you decide to accept the challenge(s) or have questions about it, please email me or PM me (Private Message), also if you have accepted and posted the challenge please notify me so that I may read it. If some of these challenges seem familiar, I'll admit some came from Bishonen'sFoxyMiko profile. Some of them I'd like to see as well. ^^ So if you write one, you might want to give her a holler also.

Much love to you and until then, ja ne!

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