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My last profile, in all honesty, was extremely cringey so I decided to change it.

What to say? Well, my real name is none of your frickin' business, but I go by Ana. If anyone likes ao3 better, I'm Leiana over there.

I'm unhealthily obsessed/madly in love with Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland. I'm also obsessed with Marvel, particularly Loki & Thor. I ship Thor/Loki, but that's kind of irrelevant here since I don't write Thorki or read/favorite it on this website.

And, obviously, I write fanfiction, mainly circling around Loki.

Unfortunately, updates aren't going to be as frequent as they were half a year ago (updates in 2-3 days...*sigh*) but I will update. Eventually.


The Liesmith: Complete. If you read, try to keep in mind that it was my first fanfic ever.

Ambivalence: In-Progress, but unlikely to be completed.

Hospitality: Complete. Slightly better quality (I feel) than the Liesmith, although considerably shorter.

I'm Here/Get Help: Complete. Ragnarok impulsive oneshots.

Of Thunder and Mischief: Complete (for now). I'll update if I get a sudden inspiration.

Brothers: Complete. Infinity War impulsive outburst. I was (and still am) completely blown away by the response I got to this. ALMOST A HUNDRED FAVORITES. Wow. Thank you so much, readers!

My 41 Things: Complete-ish. Each chapter is its own, alarmingly long four scenarios plus one.

Eye of the Storm: In-Progress. My only non-Marvel fic, and I currently despise it. Unlikely to be completed.

If you read a fic and see any spelling/grammar mistakes, please let me know. My sister sucks at editing, and to be honest, so do I.

And if you read one of my fics and find a gaping plot hole, don't hesitate to leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. No flaming.

Or if you read one of my works and just plain enjoyed it so fricking much, then please leave a review as well. I appreciate any/all feedback.

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