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AmethystWings PM
Joined Jan '06

Life ebbs and flows, and so does my activity on this site.

You won't discover much here. I function more as an observer and a reviewer, than a writer. Overall, I am content to read, just read.

You could also say that I am a part-time story archivst. I am-always looking for wonderful authors and stories to add to Of a Dragon and a Moon (my Escaflowne c2 community that is close to my heart).

Musings or Drabbles of the Moment

-Stories allow us to explore vast worlds of possibilities that are the manifestations of human imagination.

-The mind wanders onto a precipice of dreams, beckoning to lifetimes unknown...

Spring 2018

Wow, it has been so long since I let myself get lost in new realms of reading here... but my inner bookworm calls.

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