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Amaranth Adanae PM
Joined Jan '06

Location: North Carolina, USA

Age: Wouldn't you like to know?

Gender: Female. Excessively.

Interests: I'm really into mystery and horror anime. As you can tell from the stories I've written, my favorites are Ghost Hunt, xxxHolic, Ergo Proxy, Mushishi, Shion no Ou, Higurashi no Koro Ki, and Mouryo no Hako. Other interests include horses (and animals more generally), history, mystery novels, needlework, drawing, various other arts and crafts, and shopping. I'm a tea fiend and a chocolate addict.

Current Projects: I'm not kidding, I am STILL working on A Return Engagement, sequel to Rules of Engagement. I haven't updated in a long time because I am currently working very long hours--teaching English Composition. Reading my students' ravaging of the English language tends to kill my own writing bug. I should have some time to work over Christmas break. It's embarrassing--I'm turning into one of those writers who updates once a year.

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