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I am a learner by nature...reader by heart...and writer of dreams...

I love to read and i love to write...

I know I don't have much info here, i don't even post my stories here, since they are all original and not fanfics, and also because they are not that good, frankly speaking. English is not my mother tongue, but i usually write in English only. I have many favourite writers on fanfiction, whose stories I love to read. and i am also not restricted to a single fandom. I usually read Harry Potter fanfics the most, but every now and then, I love to venture out to vampire academy, Twilight, Marvel and anime based fanfics.

So if you wish to leave any reading suggestions for me, please do. I love to try new genres and am always on a lookout for interesting stories.

And lastly thanks for visiting my profile and taking the time to read it.


Hello. I am not Valya. I am her brother and it is with much heartache that I am posting this, but Valya is currently in coma. she attempted to take her own life.

we do not know when she would wake up.

One of her last wishes included that I inform all her friends and acquaintances about her death so that they don't think that she is ignoring them. She wanted me to delete all her social media accounts after that.

For now I am not deleting her accounts in the hope that she will come back to them someday in the future. Please note that I will not be responding to any messages.

Sorry for dropping this on you all out of nowhere. I didn't know how else to inform Valya's friends about this.

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