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About me:

I love to write. That's pretty much it.

About the stories:
The Diary of Christine Daae
, The Phantom's Journal, and Song of the Nightingales are all set in the same fictional universe. They are all based on the 2004 movie version of POTO, but I've altered ages so that at the time of the movie, Christine is 18, Raoul is 20, and the Phantom is 31.

They were written in the order they are listed in the paragraph above, but the chronological order in which they are set is slightly different. Journal is set before the time of the movie, Diary is set after it, and Song is a sequel to Diary.

A note on the use of "nightingales" in the title of Song and in the text of Journal: I had not yet read Susan Kay's book before beginning either of these fics. Now, partway through the writing of Song, I have read it, and have seen her use of the nightingale theme. Please do not expect my fics to be Kay-based in any way, because if you do expect that, you will be disappointed.

I derived my nightingale legend (a different one than the one Kay uses) from George du Maurier's Trilby, which I read because it is often cited as being an influence on Gaston Leroux when he wrote the original Phantom of the Opera.

As for other fics:
Young Chagnystein
is a one-off and a parody, written for fun.

Le Garoul is an AU: POTO plus werewolf legends. Contains violence, but will contain romance as well.

Singularity is my first attempt at multi-chapter ER slash.

Let No Man Put Asunder is a completed one shot, written for POL's Morbidity Contest.

The First Time is another completed one shot, and my first attempt at a Leroux-based story.

A Mirror in the Palm of Your Hand is complete in two chapters. Erik/Persian slash; Leroux-based. Written for the phanfic_xchange Lj community.

Currently in progress:
Song of the Nightingales,
being updated after an extended hiatus.

Currently on hiatus:
and Le Garoul.

Coming soon, I hope, but you never know with me:
A brief Phantom Christmas fic.

Update, 03-June-2007: I've recently started writing again after a hiatus. For some reason, I've started writing X-Files fic, but I'll get back to POTO before long.

Update, 05-Jan-2009: Gosh, I can't believe it's been three years since I've updated some of my Phantom fic. I've been Doing Other Things for quite awhile, but I've recently dusted off my WIPs and may update soon. I hope. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading.

Update, 05-Dec-2009: When I say I'm going to update soon, never believe me again. Song of the Nightingales has a new chapter, after a 3 1/2 year hiatus. I realize no one else is still reading, but I want to finish this anyway.

Update, 01-Mar-2011: I'm still alive! But no longer certain I'll be able to finish Song of the Nightingales. That's not a definite "no"; just a "probably not". My most sincere apologies to anyone still waiting for updates. Really. And thank you.

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