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Hello, fellow Sapiens...

My name is Lo, and I'll be your author this evening. Some things that interest me include:

English accents, Butter Pecan ice cream, Post-Its, the Renaissance Festival, Dressing up in costumes, Creating (occasionally doomed) original characters, OCs, 80s movies, Oddly random androgynous rockstars, Musketeers, Really morbid musicals (Although, I've yet to find one that isn't morbid in some shape or form), Classic rock, Time-traveling, dimension-hopping, space-gallivanting police boxes...

I've been off the radar for the past few years as far as writing, but recently I decided to kick myself in the butt and get some storying done. Or, rather, my husband kicked me in the butt... . I hope to be posting some new stories as well as finishing as many of these hiatus-ridden stories as I possibly can.


Safe Harbor: In Progress. (Finished, New Chapters posted every other Friday)
Crossing Jordan; NigelOC
After abruptly moving from Chicago, Angie Hoyt is about to finish up her residency in the last place she ever imagined: a morgue. Thankfully, the employees aren't as stiff as the customers, and she's actually starting to feel at home there. Can she work out past demons while trying to build a new life? Nigel seems more than willing to help...

Loophole: Heavy Hiatus
Man in the Iron Mask (1998 Movieverse); AramisOC; Four years pre-film, during film, and slightly post-film
Athos's niece, Marie, comes to visit her dear uncle and cousin, and the friends she's missed: Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan. Through many trips to France, from Spain, she comes to regard them as family, and uncovers secrets that force her to take action in a way she's never had to before. Meanwhile, her heart and her common sense are telling her two very different stories, and she must make sense of it all if she ever hopes to help her Musketeers.

Healing Wounds: Complete! YAY! (Sequel Finally Posted)
House, M.D.; HouseOC
There's a new resident under the stubborn, sarcastic, mule of a doctor that is Gregory House. The only thing is, Frankie's quite stubborn and sarcastic herself. He's trying to figure her out. She's trying to inject some compassion into him. Will it work out? Well, at least it'll be amusing to watch...

Relapse: Finally Complete!!
House, M.D.; HouseOC; Sequel to Healing Wounds
Dr Frankie Labrada has finished her residency and is back in Princeton. But what has she left behind her in Boston? And how long can she keep it from catching up with her? Meanwhile, Wilson already has plans for her stay in Princeton, and he's keeping them to himself.

Possible Fandoms Coming Soon:

The Flash? Maybe.

Disclaimer: I forget to put this in my stories individually, even though it's kinda obvious, so here it is for all the world to see. I do not own House M.D, Crossing Jordan, or The Man in the Iron Mask. If I did, I'd be in the 'biz' instead of writing fanfics in my spare time. And I'd have a much nicer car. Or, you know... have a car. I intend no copyright infringement. I'm not now, nor will I ever be, making any money from the stories posted here. I thank their respective owners for their creation, and I'll gladly be on my way.

One-Shot disclaimers are always in the stories.

Warning: This author is prone to dangerously long author's notes. And AU-ness is her friend. XD

Looking for something? I've taken down quite a few of my stories thus far. Why? Because I either don't like them anymore, I'm rewriting them, or I just can't seem to continue them. Healing Wounds fans, fear not. I won't ever take down that story, it represents too much time and progress. Loophole's got good marks in my brain right now, too. I'm also working on a couple unreleased fics that I like. I'm sorry for anyone that liked the fics I took down, I'm glad you took some enjoyment from them. It really is a shame that I didn't.

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