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Hey There!

Either you've stumbled here by accident or you were just bored and decided to see what's up!

Well, since you're here might as well tell you about myself...

I'm thirty-something, have 4 great kids (one of which is off to university, yikes!!! lol) and am married to the best woman ever (and yes I'm a woman too so you figure it...). I love all things anime and Harry Potter!

The story I had published The Retreat is actually something I wrote a while ago. I'm wasn't very satisfied with it, and thus have decided to delete it. I lost half the story ages ago to a vindictive cat and well my writing style has changed considerably. I also do not have the "oomph" to actually write anything but I am considering doing a major overhaul on it - but until then I will just be content with reading. I do have a lot of stories and favorite authors that I "alert" or "favorite" and don't get the chance to review often (sneaking in reading time during work is apparently frowned upon... Who knew?? lol) but I do try to at least get out 1 review to let the author know that I'm enjoying their story - I know it takes a lot to plan out and write a story and I also know how reviews can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

Well my favorite anime/manga is Inu Yasha, but I've been in love with Naruto for a long while now. I do adore many other anime/manga series, however there are just too many to list!

I love all of Miyazaki's movies - he IS the Master - bow to his greatness!!

I have been an avid lover of the Harry Potter books for a while now and absolutely love HP fanfiction - my favorite pairings are just about anyone with Hermione (except Ron - I'm not into canon, lol - just no). In the HP world I'd have been sorted into Ravenclaw, my patronus would be a dolphin and my animagus would be a dog!! I so wanna be a part of the HP world, le sigh...

JK Rowling is pure magic!!

Adios Muchachos


P.S. I am always looking for a story to read so if have any recommendations please feel free to PM me!!

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