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wow... ok, yo peeps! Sprig here to let ya know a lil bout me! I love animes! doesn't most people? hehe i would say "everybody" but not everybody do, or even know what an anime is. it's sad too don't you think? hehe. anyways, me-sa (jar jar binks talk if you don't know what i mean by that) is currently working on a story that's quite different from all the stories involving runaway Narutos hehe. with an interesting twist that might shock the hell outta ya. oh speaking of i better get the next chappies up huh cause i've kept ya waiting long enough. sorry bout that! i get on it right away! Spriggy out!

Wait, wait, wait! Let's rewind that ok? First off, we are starting with the basics.

Name: Sprig (preferably spriggan_d but someone else took that name. hey it was an original!)

Age: old like the creation of heaven and hell old

Sex: wow getting a lil too personal huh but hey if it were to happen then i want my first to be...Tsuzuki! (also a YnM fan)

Likes: books books, animes, fanfics, and more books! mostly yaois and hentais (closet pervert... . )

Dislikes: ppl who critisize me on my likes.

Fav. Yaoi Pairings: naru x sasu

ita x naru (smexy...)

kaka x iru (dirty lil dolphin...hehe)

neji x gaa

tsu x soka (ynm)

tsu x murakai

tat x tari

kaka x naru (found that to be quite the funny pairing specially if kakashi's fighting with itachi over naruto)

shino x naru (very romantic if you think bout it.)

hmm i think that's it for those pairings...

Fav. Het Pairings: naru x hinata

saku x lee

neji x tenten

ino x chouji

shika x temari

naru x temari

garaa x hinata

asuma x kurenai

tsunade x jiraiya (disturbing yes but don't tell me ya guys don't think it's been humming in the air for a very long time!)

Well, now ya know more bout me than me! hehe now i gotta split and stop my cat from molesting me, he's teething my ...

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