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So I managed to delete almost everything from my USB today, got most of it back except for a little bit of one story as far as i could tell. I think I remember what I had written, if not I'll just go beat my face into the wall for awhile... yeppie T_T gonna go have a cry now

DeviantArt account : http:///

Remember to check my DA fairely often, That'll have updates on whats going on with 'Never Meant to Be', The other stories not so much.

Name: Megs

Birthday: Nov 8th

Story info: Top priority to complete, etc

World of warcraft: Winter Storm: Updates once a week

Never Fading: on the back burner atm

Elder Scrolls: Against All Odds: spurattic, not many people seem to like it atm

Foot Prints in the Snow: writers block et keels meh!

Assassin's Creed: Lost in Translation: stuff is written for several chapters, will edit them and probaly bulk post

Hands of Time: chapter 2 rewrite in progress! :D

Legend of Dragoon: Dragon Summoner: Being rewritten, will repost eventually

Final Fantasy: Cunno So Pyt:

Fushigi Yuugi: Remember: have several chapters written out, but am uncertin if i like them

Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the White Wolf: have a little written but not much

Completed Stories:

World of Warcraft: Never Meant to be

Inu Yasha: Loves Bond

Legend of Dragoon: Always and Forever

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