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Hello, Guten Tag, Bonjour!

I ought to also throw in a DzieƄ dobry, just to have the full complement of languages and nationalities, but the language of my childhood is used but infrequently these days :)

I discovered books quite early in life, long before I could read, and had to have them read to me - and my love for them only increased once I began to decipher those hieroglyphs into words. Now, twenty or so years later, I wouldn't say I have a book problem (there is no such thing as a "book problem"), but I would say that books have started following me home. The "Little Free Library" movement isn't helping matters, either; there are about five of them along my favorite haunts, each filled with my next bound paper escape, and the books just pile up into towers at home. I've begun using particularly large tomes as extensions of furniture. Once again, I swear I don't have a "book problem."

Anyways, back to my early history with the written word: with the discovery of books came disappointment when a story didn't end the way I thought it should. I would ruminate on the ending, usually doing away with it entirely and coming up with a new one that suited my version of the story better. Then I began writing them down (I have a shelf full of these notebooks). I did not know fanfiction existed, but I was certainly producing quantities of it.

Anne of Green Gables finally led me to this lovely community of writers. The AoGG corner of the website is an especially warm and welcoming one (likely because all of us Anne-girls are Kindred Spirits, as Anne Shirley is wont to say), and the best and most supportive place to grow as a writer. I do not have a single complaint about any of the Anne books (movies and TV shows are another matter, however), with the glaring exception of Rilla of Ingleside. I remain firmly opposed to Walter's death, and God and my tremendously patient beta reader willing, Where the Piper Leads should be finished sometime before, oh, 2025.

To date, I've written two complete stories for AoGG: The Teacher in the Glen (my first story, and therefore my baby), and Anne's Joy, a one-shot sequel to TTIG. I am still working on Where the Piper Leads, which proceeds at its own glacial pace (see above for expected timeline. Would you believe the goal was once to finish it by November 11, 2018?)

I've also written one Downton Abbey story, Miracles Happen. It began as a sort of companion piece to/ spin off of Mr. Chaos's Authors of Our Own Fate, but since he's on Chapter 41 (as of this writing), and I'm on Chapter 7, so you might say things have diverged a bit. To those who are visiting my profile to see whether or not I'll ever update it, I promise I will. There are roughly three outlines, a master outline, draft chapters, and lists of all imaginable lengths scribbled on my computer, various notebooks, and the back of one Starbuck's receipt. It's only a matter of time before I have another week-long brainstorm that results in a slough of new chapters, which will then be doled out for your reading pleasure :)

Yours in imagination and re-writing,

Wyth wynne,


Regarding Beta reading: yes, I do still take Beta work! I love editing and helping people improve their stories. So far, I've betaed stories in English, French, and German, for a host of fandoms. I delight in translation work, and love helping authors with a language that might not be their first. I can be contacted via PM through my Beta profile.

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