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Finally, the new and improved GoreFuck has returned.

The reason why i have not written in such a long time is because i had to move to a different continent and start a whole new school, i also had to learn a different language T_T Its been so hard people you have like no idea, im doomed when it comes to italian xD

But now im good to start again and to learn and get better.

For the old stories, Ill have to reread them all and see if i should keep on writing them or just stop you guyses suffering now xD

Make sure to comment and to give advice and ideas - Im always open and happy to recive critisizm xD

About GoreFuck:

Name: Arianna

Age: 17

City: Fano, Italy

School: 4° year of high school (here highschool is 5 years long, not 4 like in the USA)

Favorite Manga-Anime: Deathnote, Blood , Naruto, Soul Eater, Bleach, Evangelion and ecc

Favorite color: Green U.U

Where you can find and talk to GoreFuck:

Peace & Love and remember to throw things in garbage cans and not on the floor, we do WANT to stop global warming.

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