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About Me

Name: Ha yeah right. Eh you can call me Sarah it's one of the names I go by.

Age: I'm in college - early twenties

Hometown: Somewhere in the U.S.

Likes: Writing, Reading, Youtube (I'm kind of obsessed with it and any music videos featuring Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers.

Summary: SYOC CLOSED. After S.H.I.E.L.D. rebuilt they also rebuilt the SHIELD Academy. It's not like it once was. There's a new teenage training program that trains qualified teenagers to SHIELD Agents. A part of a specialized team. STRIKE Team Echo.

My companion Forum for this story. Go check it out and have fun on it.

Forum Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/Agent-Walker-05/9818857/ - Also a friendly reminder to go check the forum out I posted a new Halloween Ideas/Training Scenarios topic. All ideas and scenarios welcome the creepier and spookier the better.

I'm taking a page from Pixelfun20's profile page here and Updating/Keeping you posted on AIT: Team Echo's Progress.


Agents In Training Team Echo - Training Story Arc 14-16-ish chapters in total: 40% completed, Chapter 7 100% Completed, 50% Edited

Chapter 8 50% Completed, 30% Edited

Post Acad. Training Arc - 14-ish chapters in total: 0% completed

Check back on my profile for updates and any major announcements. This will be how I inform you all of such things from now on.

Update Schedule - Due to new and last semester at college for me yeah, updates will be every other Friday or the weekend as I'm in class M-Th.

Shout to PixelFun20 - Go check out her fic The Division for Information Recovery and Restoration - (Prologue/Companion) fic to my story. Agents in Training Team Echo. It's really great so far.

Can be read as a standalone, I think you'll all really like her story.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Ops. Division Trainee Roster (ACCEPTED OC'S)

Academy "Trainee" Roster (Strike Team Echo Team Members) A Special Team with Special Privileges

Team Leader - Alexei Nikula Age: 19 CB: Pixelfun20

Infiltration/Intelligence specialist - Leonardo "Leo" Ryan Age: 17 CB: AvengerFanatic21

Combat Operations Specialist - Winchester "Chessie" Aria Age: 19 CB: Post-Apokiasulyptic Misha

Primary Team Medic - Sarah Carson Age: 18 CB: AgentCarson2357

Secondary Team Medic - Kyra Holden Age: 18 CB: DauntlessThreeRavens

Sniper - Ryan Ellis Age: 19 CB: ME (Agent Walker 05)

Technical Communications Specialist - Roman Gomez Age: 18 CB: ReasonablySafe

Other Trainees of Training Unit Echo (Background OCs) - I'm making up for the small # of females on the team in the Background OCs) [Note: If you don't see your OC in the background section, I had to cut some OCs, b/c my limit of OCs per person is two (2) no matter which set you choose. Though I tried to make it to where nobody doubled up in a specific section. It worked out nicely.

Veronika Sokolovsky Age: 18 CB: Pixelfun20

Victoria Davidson Age: 17 CB: ReasonablySafe

Kiera Cho Age: 16, CB: AceofSpades95

Quinn Lyons Age: 18 CB: ShadowAgent17

Andrew Macguire (Age: 17 CB: Agent Renegade 1

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Faculty (Instructors)

Combat instructor - Shane Morrison CB: AgentHaler7713

Physical training/fitness instructor - Viktor Morozov CB: AgentCarson2357

Firearms Instructor - Marius Dubois CB: AJtheQueen

Tactics/Strategy Instructor - Jennifer Laneman CB: Agent Renegade 1

Academy Training Officer - Kenneth "Ken" Harkins CB: DauntlessThreeRavens

AIT Roommates (Here's the roommate line up if anyone was curious)

  1. Ellis, Ryan and Gomez, Roman 318
  2. Aria, Winchester and Nikula Alexei 317
  3. Cho, Kiera and Davidson, Victoria 316
  4. Carson, Sarah and Holden, Kyra 315
  5. Lyons, Quinn and Sokolovsky, Veronika 314
  6. McGuire, Andrew and Ryan, Leonardo 313
  7. Dalton, Adam and Fedorov, Val 312
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