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Hello and welcome to my profile. I have exciting news that involves my most popular fanfiction Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil. I have plans for it which includes a sequel, a side story, a one shot series and many more. Here is what you can expect for future stories.

Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil

I don’t have much to say except that Danny and Star will get together at the end and Danny will even get the wand as well as his own dimensional scissors at some point. I am also sure that you have noticed that I have put a lot of Fairly Odd Parents references including a cameo of Gordon Von Strangle and the Pixies. In case you are wondering, Timmy will be in the series. Not only that but I will make a Timmy Jimmy Power Hour after each season and in season three Timmy and his fairies will become permanent characters. I am also planing on giving some ghost some dimensional scissors not just Vlad and those ghosts will be Skulker and Technus.

Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil: 10 Years Later

You heard me right! This is a direct sequal to Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil. I even have OCs created just for this sequal so be sure to read their profiles so that you will know who is who.

Cassandra Butterfly: Casandra is the daughter of Danny Fenton and Star Butterfly. She is also one quarter ghost and can usually be seen wearing lots of pink. Cassandra is also a gamer so don’t be fooled by the fact that she is a girly girl because she has some serious gamer’s rage.

Marco Butterfly: I thought that it would be cool to have Marco in the sequal since he wasn’t there in the first one. He will be the same personality in this series with the only difference of him being a quarter ghost.

Mariposa Fenton: In the show Mariposa was supposed to be Marco’s sister but in this series she will be adopted into the Butterfly family for a reason that will be explained later.

Dorothy Turner: The daughter of Timmy and Tootiee. She is very athletic but is also stubborn and is known to be a tomboy. She hates anything that is girly and is usually seen wearing either overalls or a sweatshirt.

A Missing Star

This story is a side story to Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil and takes place between season three and four. This story is going to be a crossover with Fusion Fall so if you like Cartoon Network than this story will be for you. It will have old and new shows but not Teen Titians Go because that show is garbage. Sorry for those who actually like it but I have only two OCs that you need to know about in this fanfic.

Kyle Newton: Originally this guy was supposed to be Danny’s avatar but now that half ghost is living with him. Kyle is cool and confident unlike Danny who can sometimes be a nervous wreck. Kyle looks similar to his ghost form but the only difference is that he has purple hair and wears the DexLabs solder uniform.

Susan Newton: Don’t let this little girl fool you because she may look cute but she can also be scary when she wants to. Her dream is to join the Kids Next Door someday but sometimes her shenanigans to get in would sometimes backfire. Susan is usually seen dressed in all black and kind of looks like a vampire. In fact, some even mistaken her as one!

Mewni’s Grimm Tales

This one shot series will explain everything you wanted to know about Danny Phantom vs the Forces of Evil. I will also do requests.

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