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James Golen PM
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Muse is transient. Discipline endures. Rage is a gift.

Current Project:

The Gift of Rage: A man lands in Hell with no idea why he's there. He didn't think he led a sinful life. And yet into Hell he went. And when he landed, he swore he would never ignore his fury ever again because the gift of rage is defiance against the unjust.

Potential Future Projects:

Learned Helplessness:

A Three Lobed Heart:

Children of the Void: A strange ship appears in a distant Segmentum of the Imperium of Man, and one of its Rogue Traders is robbed by strange mechanical men who seem immune to the predations of the ruinous powers of the Warp. The Tenno have found more of their kind, through the sea of the Void and in a universe instantly ready to feed them to the Golden Throne. A crossover between WH40k and Warframe.

Final Galaxy: The twin worlds of Spira and Gaia form the heart of humanity's presence in the Milky Way galaxy, their homeworlds deep in Terminus Space. To preserve their race against their dying homeworlds, they press out and into conflict with the civil-war-wrapped quarians, the warlords on the outside of Citadel Council Space, and the other aliens that fill the galaxy. And there are other, older things that are waiting out there, that have already fought humanity before, and have yet to be truly defeated. A crossover imagining what would happen if the setting of Mass Effect were being used to tell a Final Fantasy story.

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