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Danganronpa SYOC(s)

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~ Gold House~

Summary - The manor lies at the edge of the forest, allowing teeters of black pines to grind against its wall like sandpaper. Accompanied by the hallowing winds of thundering snow, the darkness is defending, the shining layers consuming all in its wake. But darkness cannot last forever, and in the midst of the chaos, a glint of shimmering gold can be seen.

Progress - 99% (Devil's Horn)

{ Student Roster }

(20-20 Alive)


1. "Prince" - Grand ?

2. Fudo Tsukuyomi - Grand Magician (emperiumOxide)

3. Junichiro Ichida - Grand Escort (Ahn Jihlo)

4. Kamiya Uta - Grand Swordsman (oddlyillregular)

5. Albion Kanzaki - Grand Blacksmith (Sempi)

6. Tadatake Suza - Grand Hockey Player (Prince PokePersona)

7. Koji Yabusaki - Grand Mortician (Rayy12)

8. Fujisaki Kanna - Grand Assistant (Sweet Shi)

9. Lukas Griffin Powell - Grand Knight (Partyboy426) (FOREIGN)

10. Stefano 'Alex' Alexeev - Grand Exorcist (Epifanio Therion) (FOREIGN)


1. Anata Noshi - Grand Storyteller (LynnRowe)

2. Kanon Kanda - Grand Doctor (JessJess1818)

3. Machi Amemori - Grand Mediator (Other Senpai)

4. Aimi Sakai - Grand Patissier (WolfieRed23)

5. Xiuying Akatsuki - Grand Fabric Pattern Maker (RioA)

6. Amaya 'Maya' Shirai - Grand Marionette Maker (Abitat Eco)

7. Hagoromo 'Momo' Mae - Grand Demonologist (Epifanio Therion)

8. Hania Shah - Grand Fantasy Video Game Developer (AstralKali)

9. Luna Phillips - Grand Cult Leader (Barbacar) (FOREIGN)

10. Amélie Alarie - Grand Perfumer (JustDrew) (FOREIGN)

~ Sanctuary Of Talent ~

Summary - It's on an island far away from the prying eyes of the unworthy masses. They grovel for the scraps this place provides, of the talent the sanctuary so graciously churns out year after year amidst a paradise blue sky. The best get to reside in the beautiful garden, and those who fail...? Their bodies get to sink to the bottom of the worthless sea with the rest of the fish.

Progress - Prologue being written

{ CAST }

(20-20 Alive)

(Super Level) (Students)

Kokoro Takano (SHSL Student Council President) - Female - 16 Years Old [CandleFire45]

Adam Faulx (SHSL Lucky Student) - Male - 17 Years Old [VividIsSleeping]

Ayame Fuse (SHSL Shogi Pro) - Female - 17 Years Old [NSPunny]

Casey Rosario (SHSL Reality TV Star) - Male - 17 Years Old [Prince PokePersona]

Freyja Dahlström (SHSL Conspiracy Theorist) - Female - 13 Years Old [SqualinaTralala]

Louise Annabelle Bogweather (SHSL Doctor) - Female - 15 Years Old [Barbacar]

Tracy "Trace" Fleming (SHSL Pharmacist) - Male - 17 Years Old [Abitat Eco]

Yumi Toyotomi (SHSL Jack Of All Trades) - Female - 18 Years Old [Epifanio Therion]

(Supreme Level) (Mentors)

Eddie "Ed" Orsino (Supreme Casino Owner) - Male - 52 Years Old [CandleFire45]

Akinari Kaneko (Supreme Biochemist) - Male - 45 Years Old [ExtraMeme]

Bohai Shuǐniú (Supreme Marine Biologist) - Male - 29 Years Old [viRal1nfection]

Chuya Yagami (Supreme Child Caretaker) - Female - 36 Years Old [NSPunny]

Lady Midas (Supreme 'Villian') - Female - 25 Years Old [ErinTheStorymaker]

Mateo Feliz Oliveira (Supreme Daredevil) - Male - 25 Years Old [lemipao]

Valerie Ortiz (Supreme Drill Instructor) - Female - 44 Years Old [Orlando Butler]

Yoshinobu Date (Supreme Detective) - Male - 60 Years Old [Insomniac98338]

(Second Reserve)

Jiyuu "JiJi" Mochizuki (Supreme Level ?) - Demigirl (she/they) - 27 Years Old [spyrorocks389]

Tiago Rodrigues de Andrade (Supreme Governor) - Male - 54 Years Old [Comrades lament]

Naohito Urabe (SHSL Traceur) - Male - 18 Years Old [ExtraMeme]

Miho Akatsuki (SHSL Pyrotechnican) - Female - 16 Years Old [TheUnkindledHunter]

(Overseer's) (Mascots)

Laurel (Student Representative)

Barnaby "Baboo" (Supreme Representative)

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