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I'm back from the death! Yes. But whatever the reason I did not involve myself with the HP-fanfiction anymore, I'm back. I never stopped reading HP-fanfics though!

  1. The first thing I did was looking for a decent and reliable forum provider. I found this one and we're trying it out in this way.
  2. The second thing I did (next to many smokes, coffee, sweets, etc.) is synchronizing my (old) stories and inspecting the old index lists. Those all need work and that will be subject of my activities the coming days, or maybe weeks.
  3. I'm going to submit the site into the Wide-Word-Web to poison the minds of the little and big people out there in the wild.
  4. And while doing that, I'm going to think to write new stories. Be free to help me out here with suggestions.
  5. So you guys will see loads of activities popping up here on the site, and you know what, maybe one day soon you see the whole lot of it changed and getting bigger (like 10 times or more).

And if you want to read my stories (again), you can click here to have a go at it.

Why publish all my stories there and not here? Many of my stories are really not allowed on this site because of the rating. And I don't want to hold myself and you back from reading HP fanfiction.

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