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I'm definitely older than 20 years. I prefer writing fictional stuff which explains why I have a fanfiction account. Natch! XD

I love to read and write erotica. I have an undying PASSION and DEEP LOVE for romance novels! Especially novels set in the Regency Era of England and Native American themed novels. I will get so hot for these types of reading materials. I just love reading smutty stuff which includes Smut manga and Vanilla hentai.

Perhaps, from now on, I will be writing fics that are mostly M-rated. Gone are T-days in which I first began dipping into when I started fanfiction.

Have been reading and writing fanfic for over seven years I would think. Heh. It's been a while! *Staind's It's Been A While*

Favorite films: The Lord of The Rings Triology (MOST EPIC, EPIC, EPIC FILMS EVER MADE IN MY HONESTLY HUMBLE OPINION), The Pirates of The Caribbean I, II and IV (the third was a let down), White Oleander (Love this film!), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Fighter, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Departed, Blood Diamond, 3:10 To Yuma (the new one), Splendor In The Grass, Rebel Without A Cause, East of Eden, Eastern Promises, Blood In Blood Out, Felon, A History of Violence, American History X, The Shawshank Redemption, Se7en, Red Dragon, The Silence of The Lambs, Signs, The Sixth Sense, The Unbreakable, The Patriot, Brave Heart, The Last of The Mohicans, Inception, Footloose (both the old and the remake), and just waaaayyyy more movies then I can remember.


Basilisk - I think this is the most authentic and epic shinobi tale ever! It's authenticity wins over even the likes of Naruto.

Flame of Recca - Pity it didn't go on the way the manga did! Awesome shinobi tale as well.

Akazukin Cha Cha - This anime helped trigger a life-long love of animes. :')

Ghost In The Shell - It made my jaw dropped!!

Gensomaden Saiyuki - This anime totally surprised me with it's filler arc! It's filler arc were AWESOME!

Yu Yu Hakusho - An extremely splendid anime!

Sakura Wars

Cardcaptor Sakura


Ranma 1/2 - Hilarious!

Favorite manga: Rurouni Kenshin - In my opinion, this is one of the best swordsmen manga ever! It was just so epic and wonderfully told and beautifully drawn that I have loved it for years on end and continue to cherish it even now!

Naruto - I have fallen in love with this manga. At first I was kinda jarred by the art (the first part was kinda ugly) but the art improved like all other mangas. The story told is really good and the characters truly come alive! The creativity of the story, the amazing jutsus, the concept, the art and everything is just a breath of fresh air for me. Its unique art and universe always makes me amazed and in awe. Really great manga! I have yet to really watch the anime. If anything I've tried watching a lot of Shippuden and its episodes, however, I find the filler arcs abysmal.

One Piece - Awesome manga! Once again, another breath of fresh air! A pirate universe! What a bloody brilliant idea! Characters are original and top notch! I have a thing for Luffy's utter idiocy and Zoro's apparent lack of enthusiasm for everything besides swords and sword fighting. Haha. My all time fave character Ace had to die though and that just made me real sad...The dude was a walking Sex Stick!

Fairy Tail - I have left off pretty far off with this one but I will try reading it once more.

The Embalmer - An AWESOME manga that is just sooooo wonderfully delicious! It is touching, bittersweet, extremely sad, moving, frightening, creepy, scary and everything else dark and bright wrapped into one blessedly engaging manga. Seriously, people should read this! It is just soooo terribly good. There are no words to describe the genius which is Mihara Mitsukazu.

DOLL: IC In A Doll - Another awesome manga by Mihara Mitsukazu. She is very unique and this manga kinda had that AI, Matrix sorta feel to it! It's just so cool!

Doukuhime - Also by Mihara Mitsukazu. Another wonderful story told. A manga about poison princesses whose very touch could kill in mere seconds! Used as tools to bring about chaos and destruction in political warfare, I think it's a splendid story!

Antique Romance - This is actually a manhwa as the manga-ka is Korean but dang if it ain't a good story. It is similar to romance novels that I am so fond of. And, and *squeals* it has SMUT in it! XD

Wolf Guy Oookami No Monshou - There are no words to describe this incredibly violent, poignant, sad, treacherous, frightening and jaw dropping manga. It is a story about a young teenage werewolf and his struggle with humanity. He hates the humans who are so cruel and vile and are even worse than mindless animals and yet he is falling in love with his kind hearted and caring teacher. Very, very, very much recommended.

Favorite Pairings that I like to read about in Fanfics :-

Anime-wise: SasuFemNaru, SasuHina, NejiHina (I DON'T CARE IF YOU SAY IT'S INCEST! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER! AND HERE IN MALAYSIA, WE CAN MARRY OUR COUSINS SO WHATEVES!), KakaHina, KakaFemNaru, NejiFemNaru, ItaHina, ItaFemNaru, GaaHina, ItaDei, HiItaDei (oh, I love this threesome), SasuIta/ItaSasu (Uchiha-cest is like the best yaoi pairing that ever happened to me), NejiGaara, SasuNeji, SasuNaru (but after an incident this pairing has grown less appealing), and I also looooove ShikaIno (I fucking HATE Temari). Basically, I could pair Hinata with almost every other male character.

I don't like Sakura paired up with Sasuke. I don't like Ino paired up with Sasuke. I FUCKING HATE THAT BITCH KARIN!! I could kill if I read they were paired up together cuz' I don't think these fucking fangirls deserve to have their wet dream served on a silver platter for them, okay? Their obsession with the Uchiha bastard is annoying enough as it is without having to pair them up, thank you very much! Oh, I also have low tolerance for Temari cuz' she was attracted to the Uchiha bastard and was like blushing and goin' fangirlish and shit. I can't stand that fangirl attitude. I think Sasuke's hot too but his emo-ass gets on my nerves sometimes and I would NEVER behave like these bitches if I were in their world.

For Fairy Tail I friggin' LOVE: NatsuxLucy, GrayxJuvia, FreedXMirajane, ErzaxJellal.

For Flame of Recca: ToFuu all the way, baby!!! Mikagami Tokiya and Kirisawa Fuuko should get married and have babies everywhere!

For One Piece: I guess I like most of the guy characters to be paired with OCs...Haha. Or paired with each other. Natch! XD

For Bleach: RenjixOrihime (I have a weakness for this crack pairing), IchigoxRukia (great pairing!), RenjixByakuya (oh, bring on the yaoi smuttiness!), HitsugayaxMatsumoto, NnoitraxNelliel (hoo, boy! Or Hombre! This pairing is wicked!), GrimmjowxOrihime, UlquiorraxOrihime.

I also like pairings with OCs. Like some characters should have their own perfect fit that to me maybe just worked better with an OC. For instance, I particularly LOVE: KakaOC, ItaOC, DeiOC, SasoOC, HidanOC, AceOC, ZoroOC, LuffyOC, and more.

Favorite books: Anything by Anne Rice and VC Andrews as well as Daniele Steel, Harry Potter series, Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series and other works from her for that matter, Hater by David Moody, Jean Ure works, Once and Always by Judith McNaught, Shameless by Karen Robards, The Bond by Lily Sommers and more, much, much more. I can't even remember any more! XD

My hobbies: Reading (duh!), writing (duh!), going on the internet (triple duh!), baking, watching films, listening to music, drawing manga, etc.

Music I like: I listen to practically anything that suits my ears. I also go through phases. At one point I will be obsessed with the same stereotypical pop/disco/club crap and the next I'll be smokin' up some Britpop and gettin' high on Grunge. I also listen to some J-Pop and K-Pop (I used to be OBSESSED with K-Pop). I LOVE Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, etc.

Bands I like: Paperplane Pursuit (a local Malaysian band that is frickin' epic), Blur, Aerosmith, Elastica, Oasis, Ash, Suede, Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay, Incubus, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, No Doubt, 30 Seconds To Mars, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, Limp Bizkit, Audioslave, Korn, Gorillaz, Paramore etc.

Frontman/woman/Singers I like: Bjork (HER VOICE, MAN!!! I WISH I HAD HER VOICE! IT IS SOOOO WONDERFUL), Damon Albarn, Steve Tyler, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey (she has a damn good voice although I don't like her person), Michael Jackson (LOVE HIM!!!), Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Kimbra (awesome singer from New Zealand and she's my age!), Whitney Houston, Adelle, Lorde (she is very new and young but, dang, I like her music!) etc.

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