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Hi there. First of all: I'm German, so English is not my native language. Feel free to point out any mistakes I make and you consider correctable.

As you'll probably notice, I'm a slash/yaoi fan and that's really as far as my interests go. So don't worry about a lack reviews for your heterosexual fics if I've read the slash ones ;)

Languages: German, English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Norwegian

Occupation: University student of Japanese and Chinese language

Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X-2, One Piece, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Yu-Gi-Oh!, X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, The Shield, Sherlock

Pairings: Final Fantasy VII: CloudXZack/Zax; Final Fantasy VIII: SquallXSeifer/Cifer, SquallXSeifer/CiferXZell/Xell; Final Fantasy X-2: BaralaiXGippal/Gippel; One Piece: AceXSmoker, SanjiXZoro/Zorro, Zoro/ZorroXWyper/Wiper (seems like I'm the only person who's written anything about that pairing); Detective Conan/Case Closed: Shin'ichiXKaitoXHeiji, Shin'ichiXKaito, Shin'ichiXHeiji; Yu-Gi-Oh!: YamiXY├╗gi, SetoXJou/Joey; X/1999: SubaruXSeishiro, KamuiXF├╗ma; Tokyo Babylon: SubaruXSeishiro; The Shield: RonnieXLem, LemXShane, ShaneXVic; Sherlock: SherlockXJohn

If you want me to beta-read a fic for you, feel free to contact me :) But please keep in mind, that my native laguage is German! Thus, I'm not nearly perfect in English and the further you go to the right on my language list above, the less I speak that language.

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