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Hey peeps! I finally moved! I've finally settled in and have time to write again! Anyway...bio...yes...
The name's Naja in this world, I'm a college student from Maine (who knew right?). I've been writing stuff since I was about four years old (I'm not kidding) and am currently working on getting a book or two published! Other than that, I'm a nerdy girl, who adores horseback riding, cats and...dragons. Yeah. I'm one of those :). I play Magic the Gathering, spend a lot of time watching stupid videos on Youtube, read lots of books, do lots of homework and of course, lots of writing! Funnily enough, I'm an Art Major...who'd have guessed! I hike a lot, eat too much tofu and spend way to much of my time doing things I probably shouldn't be doing. Like working on this bio rather than a research paper...yeah...about that...

Favorite Movies:

Resident Evil

Imagine Me and You

Enemy at the Gates

Favorite TV shows:

Firefly--forever babay! Wish it wasn't canceled growls

Doctor Who--another forever, old, new, doesn't matter, it's all great.

Farscape!!!!--I mean really...this...is...just...amazing. Great story, beautifully written characters and amazing puppetry! What's not to like?

Favorite Actors/Actresses:

Milla Jovovich: because the woman is just awesome. Period.

Michelle Rodriguez: nobody kicks a* like Michelle. Except maybe Sigourney Weaver...

Jeniffer Connelly: never a more talented actress, period. She's multi-faceted and fascinating.

Colin Salmon: He's a black James Bond, sexy, mysterious and the strong/silent type and you can't get better than that. He also is a fantastic actor...but that's secondary to sexy right?...:P

Viggo Mortensen: I've never seen a more complex persona. And apparently, he's quite shy.

Keith Hamilton Cobb: A man of many talents, and handsome to boot.

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