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Hey. I'm Sam.

Beyond that, hell, I don't know. I'm in my mid-20s, he/him, bisexual, and am in a gleefully polyamorous relationship, so expect some of that shit in any stories I may post. If you're not cool with lifestyles that didn't get defined for you by a book that was written millennia ago, maybe this ain't the spot for you.

I'm mostly into fantasy, and Harry Potter has a special place in my heart despite some of the problematic shit that's come up recently with the author. Fuck TERFs.

Hermione will be black in my stories. Her character reminds me too much of a very dear friend not to make it so. I will apologize for neither of these things.

I'm a huge TTRPG nerd, and some of my characters will almost certainly make it into any stories I may post.

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