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They were astounded.

Astounded were they.

As she, the afflicted, stood and accepted.

She dared not to laugh aloud, but inside.

Inside, she split her sides with their absurdity.

What kind of people were they?

Who revolved around rules and conventions?

Surely, they amount to nothing.

Nothing. Nothing.

She positioned herself proudly.

The dazzling smiled ever so gracious. So much so that the host gnashed her teeth in anger.

How could one in this pit be so indifferent?

But the host would not be so bold as to question the victim.

The beast could do nothing as the quarry chortled.

But no more than chortled.

Snatching the ticket from the fiend, she whirled.

Twirling and swirling she left.

Leaving the gathered assembly in disarray.

The wrongdoer could only watch her prey flee in a defiant blur, jaw suspended.

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