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  1. Someone that have no life, hope for a freedom and wanted to be loved.

  2. Love read fanfics about Stiles as main character and crossover between Teen Wolf with any dramas or movies. Especially Shadowhunter, TO, TVD, The Avengers, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Supernatural, The Charmed, Quantico, CSI, Criminal Minds and etc..

  • Stories about Stiles from/with Mikaelson or Salvatore family, maybe with/from Cullen family.

  • Stories about Stiles is hidden member or family, son or brother of Tony Stark, or from Winchester family or from Mafia family.

  • Stories about he is creature and powerful like Vampire, Dragon, Phoenix, Mage, Shadowhunter and etc..

  • Love Stiles with pair like Steter, Stackson, Stanny (Teen Wolf), Stiklaus, Stijah, Koles (TO) , Stamon, Stafan, Stiler (TVD), Stalec (Shadowhunters), Stive, Stucky (The Avengers/Captain America), Starry, Stover (The Flash/Arrow), Stiwards, Stacob (Twilight)

  • Prefer gay stories but straight story still read as long the crossovers have Stiles.

  • Not fan of smut. Only read cuddles or kissing or make out. I'm not pervert okay..

  • new info : Team Ironman, fan of IronStrange, WinterIron, IronFrost. not fan of Stony (change mind after Civil War happened). bashing teamcap.

  • also fan of Harmony, Drarry, Barry, Tharry and Tomarry... not can of Snarry... Severitus is acceptable... bashing dumbless.

  • most important, I love reading any story that I love have CROSSOVER.. like my favorite being adopted and have cool power or powerful adopt family..

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