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I am an Anime lover since I was ten years old and I am still an Anime lover! For five years!

I’m also a Greek/Roman mythology geek ever since I read Percy Jackson and Olympians!

I don’t understand English too well and be honest I am not a fast learner and English isn’t my first language you know...Please don’t judge me!

Anyway I grew up watching/reading Detective Conan!

Plus I loves horror anime and movies.

I mostly stay up late until dawn.

I really loves ramen the best food in the Japan!~

Oooh yeah I’m also a female. So don’t misunderstood me a boy..And yes I’m very clumsy. Like a Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon.

I’m dark goth. I REALLY REALLY HATES PINK! Damned the pink. Too bright. If I see any pink, then I'll be damned...

I was born in June thirteen...

However, be honest. I would never understand jokes, but I do write a lot of sense of humors.

Anyway I grew up as a deaf woman at birth.

My favorite show ((without the Anime version)) is, Merlin ((since 2014)), The Flash ((since 2014)) , Supernatural ((since 2015)), and Arrow ((since 2013)).

I’m most famous for making sad stories. ;-;

I loves Yoai and Yuri! They are soo cute like I would die of happy woman.

I am a proud violinist! Music are truly amazing!

Here’s my quote:

"If you're facing a bitter or unhappy life, you know that liars are foul without any excuses, deserves a red card for a loser.”


I’m guess I’m done with my ‘long’ hellish speech.


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