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Name: Criti Weird Mc Weird, Criti, Cristi, Orangey, Oragey, Cristi-Stix, Criti-o's, Itsirc Riew, Orange One, Orange Weirdo, Orange Girl, You the one that likes orange, Weird... yah lots of names, whatever you want to call me i guess.

Quote that rocks the most: Well their aretwo... "Life sucks, get a helmet. When a helmet doesn't work, get a gun!" And the all time greatest, made in Hawaii. "You want some ice? Eh? Eh!" thats great, both of them are great.

Age: 17

Birthday: April 10, 1989

Signs: Aries, Snake and anything orange

Favorite kinds of books:I love fantacy fiction, i kinda like fiction and i love reading manga.

Favorite color: Oh, totally blue

Least favorite color: Definatly orange ~major eye rolling action~

Favorite animals: Cats, dogs,Tigers,poisonous reptiles. Oh my gosh, chocobos and cuccos! Moogles are awsome... Are they considered animals? I want a pet heartless, the new dog ones are so cool. ~sit Squishy, okay now fetch the heart!~ Ha ha ha, that would be great...Okay, back to the real world.

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