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Will willing proofread stories I find to be of above average quality.

Have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and a minor in creative writings.

If I do accept to proofread I will use a Google doc first that shows all the changes and comments I made, as well as a separate finished file as well as a copy of the original sent to me, so you can learn any problems in your writing, I offer this because plenty of non-native English speakers use this medium of posting online to this site as a way to to be proofread by readers at large. The format itself lends itself to this being a good learning experience for someone as long as flames don't antagonize them for small things or without telling an author which section of the work offends their literary tastes.

If I do accept to proofread a chapter I will get it back to you within the week, feel free to post your chapter beforehand, and then post the revisions I make, after you ensure the revisions still encapture the setting, tole, genre, and visual imaginations you wanted portrayed to your readers.

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