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Just a place for me to keep track of and save favorite stories.

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Leverage, Monk, Marvel's Agent Carter, Person of Interest, and seasons 1-5a of Once Upon A Time

Favorite Movies (some of them anyway): Literally anything Marvel--EXCEPT FOR Dr. Strange, the Xmen/Wolverine movies, Deadpool (haven't watched it don't plan to, not a fan of R movies with lots of violence), the Tobey Maguire/Andrew Garfield Spider-Mans--,Zoro (1 2), the Star Trek movies (The old ones. The Abrams ones are decent movies, just not good Trek.), the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood (with Russel Crowe Cate Blanchet), the Stargate movies (all 3), Sky High, Meet the Robinsons, Tangled, Treasure Planet, Enchanted. I'm sure there's more.


Stargate SG-1-- Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Janet, Daniel/Sha're, Sam/Martouf, Daniel/Weir

Stargate Atlantis- McWeir, Sheyla, Ronon/Keller, sometimes I find Sparky cute, Weir/Simon

Marvel- Romanogers, Clintasha, Sifki, Thor/Jane, Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Daniel Sousa, Scott/Hope, Wanda/Vision, Pepperony

Star Trek:Voyager- Janeway/Chakotay, Tom/Be'leana(?)

Once Upon A Time- OutlawQueen, Snowing, Rumbelle

Platonic Friendships/Other Relationships:

Stargate:SG-1-- Sam Janet, Teal'c Jack, Sam Vala, Sam Daniel, Daniel Janet (I like them platonic and romantic.), General Hammond SG-1, Jacob Sam, Daniel Weir, Teal'c Bra'tac

Stargate Atlantis- Weir Teyla, Weir Rodney (again, I like both platonic and romantic), Weir Caldwell, Rodney Sheppard, Rodney Jeannie, Teyla Ronon, Sheppard Ronon, Sheppard Todd, Sheppard Weir (I like platonic them just a little bit more than romantic)

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