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I'm a guy in my thirties. I read my first fanfic about 20 years ago. It would have probably been about Final Fantasy 7, Evangelion, or Chrono Trigger. I never really got that into it though. Then in the early 00s I read the HP books & became thoroughly hooked on them. Years passed.

Summer 2017, I was bored and started reading some HP fanfics. Months later, after reading hundreds of them, I started writing one of my own. Once I had written several chapters, I decided that I would post it here in case other people would enjoy it too.

We're in This Together is named after the Nine Inch Nails song, perfectly angsty 90s music for two angsty 90s teens. In this case, Harry & Pansy.

I have the beginnings of a few other ideas swirling in my head as well. One would be a goofy Harry goes back in time story. I might combine it with a Harry/Luna crackfic idea I have. Another is a flat out evil Harry story. Then there's the twisted Yule Ball Harry/Parvati/Padma romance idea I have.

As obvious from my ideas, I'm not one of those one true ship type of people. I've enjoyed stories of Harry ending up with just about every girl possible. The only ships I am against are Hermione with Ron (one of the worst romances in all of fiction, the only way Hermione could find someone less suitable would be if she were with a Death Eater like Draco, Snape, or any other such garbage-- even canon Hermione's taste in men isn't that atrocious.)

I have a feeling any story I write will lean towards the mature rating. I can't imagine writing something without some sex or violence and at least a fair amount of swearing.

10/11/2020 update:

You can also find my work at archive of our own and the hp fanfic archive under the same name (zugrian). I am still in the process of porting everything over to a03 though, and I tend to post here first since I'm most used to this site's formatting.

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