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29 October 2017

Maligayang pagbati!

I go by the name Amber Rose.

I has been quite a long time since I last read, written, and watched everything anime. For the 90's generation, most children back then enjoyed and immersed themselves in such fantasies; and I being one of them. And relatively, it has also been ages since I last laid eyes on this website to enjoy and connect with kindred minds.

Looking back to the years of sleepless nights and restless days of watching anime, reading mangas, and fan fictions, and being a young adult now currently engaged in post-graduate degree, some things just never seem to pass. I truly thought I was over it, I thought it was just a phase in my childhood life - my own inner world where imagination was rich, colorful, and alive.

But here I am again, after ten (10) years. Clearly remembering the days of trepid anticipation and excitement over just a story, a free creation of a fellow like-minded writer, has always put me on the edge and verge of the need to know ... to know what comes next to the story.

I guess this love of mine has never changed with time. It is something that is coiled deep inside of me, like everyone else sharing the same passion.

And it is only now that I realized such thing.

It feels so good to be back.

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